[SOLVED] Individual Level Caps?

I’m just inquiring if it is possible to have only certain player characters have an increase in levels say make three people able to level to 25/30 while other units can go up to 20? Thank you for any information provided.

I’m an idiot for not noticing that. Thank you

Granted, it requires duplicate classes if you want it to apply something like a level 30 cap for pre-promoted units. This functionality is installed by default in Fire Shell.

It’d still be cool to see this forked into a character-based array too - if the value is set at 0, it’d just defer to the class caps or something like that.

Was this implemented with the most recent release of Fire Shell?

It’s been there for a while actually - there’s a nightmare module for it under Class Editors.

i can get on that once my plate clears a little; it’s a simple enough edit