[solved] In FE8 epilouge, how to show Character Endings? Also final turn count display is missing chapters

I can’t for the life of me find the ending data regarding stuff that happens after the game is over and displaying characters and their lives after the game is over.

Oh I’m dumb, and was deleting my characters perm after ending scenes. WE GOOD NOW :grimacing:

assuming FEBuilder if you go under advanced editors and search endings there will only be one option appearing, and that is the character endings, from there you can find what events are attached to them and you can then edit them.

Now if you’re using buildfiles then I’m as clueless as you

I got that, but I don’t know how to call that event for the characters.

I think you can find that near the end of the ‘epilogue’ event, probably in one of the last ‘call’ events. You can find it in the world map events section, labeled ‘Eirika Ending’. They’re actually a series of events that start the credits, show the ending scene with Eirika/Ephraim/Lyon, display the turncount, and then character endings.

Before changing too much, make sure you create some backup saves and test it each time or else you might lose a lot of progress. Also, you’ll need to have a patch called ‘Show Eirika Epilogue’ if you only have one route in your game, otherwise the game might hang during the credits.

Ayy thank y’all you are both correct.

I also installed a patch to show endings without a route split and idk if that was needed or not. But now it works perfectly!

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Renewed Question: It was working, and now it’s not. and idk why or how.

But even copying all the events from OG FE8 over about the ending it doesn’t work anymore, I can get the turn display open, I can get the ending credits and CG, the final talk with Lyon. BUT the character endings don’t appear.

I have the “Ending battle display” running too, but it just doesn’t seem to work. Also some chapters are skipped? For the final turn count and I’m unsure why that is as well.

Did you enable Flag0x03 in that chapter to finish?
This is also written in the help of FEBuilderGBA.
A record of having completed a chapter is kept when the above conditions are met.

more specific explanation:
In the etc tab of the debugger, there is an item called record turns.
Make sure that a record is appended to this list when you have completed the chapter.
If the record is not appended, you have finished the chapter without fulfilling the above conditions.