[SOLVED] Implementing FE4 Features

Is it possible to use these features of FE4 in a FE7 hack?

  1. Characters don’t die in Arena Battle, they have 1 hit point left.
  2. Weapons that break aren’t lost forever, they can be repaired for a sum of money.
  3. All units are in a castle at the beginning of each level, therefore in each level all units are playable.
  4. Characters promote at level 20, by going to their home castle, and choosing the command 'Promote".
    Is this possible? If so any tutorials?

it’s definitely possible

you’ll need to reprogram the game a lot but it’s doable

Thats good to hear. Any tutorials?

You’re basically asking for the implementation of some core FE4 features, in which case I would advise you to follow SqRtOfPi’s FEIV remake project. He’s going to make his work open-sourced at some point in the future.

There won’t be tutorials on doing this exact thing, because it hasn’t been done yet. Based on the types of questions you’ve been asking, you may want to try picking up ASM hacking.

if you want to reprogram the game you may as well just look up a basic programming tutorial