[SOLVED] Creating a weapon that can't double?

Is it possible to create a weapon that cannot double attack in battle without having to give it ridiculous weight penalties like bolting and other long range magics?

*Should be possible with my Modular Battle when it’s done.* I’ll make a script for it for you. It might be built in to the game but I’m not sure.

Ok. Well I’ll check back with you when your modular battle routine is done I guess.

Eclipse naturally cannot double. And the siege weapons are all “uncounterable,” which would be another cool effect to apply. Would that also be possible with your battle routine?

Possibly, with enough scripting. Basically, one step of the modular battle will hand you control of the battle buffer, so you just have to set it to write “End” to the buffer.

[I did this][1]. It’s a UPS patch.
[1]:Crazycolorz5's Dump of ASM Crap


Thank you. I’ve just tested it out and it works fine it seems.