[SOLVED] Black Beauty Falcon Knight issue

When using this animation there are 2 or 3 pixels that show up on the enemy side while the falcon knight is returning to the standing position after attacking. I was told I could edit the actual sheet to remove it from the animation but I can’t because it shows up on the enemy side

the “enemy side” is just the left side of the screen here

You can actually see the gray pixels in the GIF you posted, set against the green background.

Plus, there’s a blue pixel that sticks from where the Javelin is thrown which probably needs cleaned up as well.

Wow, thanks for pointing that out! I gave it the usual transparent color and now that I can see it I can remove it. If I edit the sheet, does it matter if I use the .bin or the .txt?

Sheet would be bin. txt typically goes through all the frames

I tried it out after editing and only the .txt keeps the changes so I’ll have to be mindful when inserting to use it