Solo drafting?

Having tried a first solo draft of FE 8 I found myself quite enjoying it a lot, but was wondering if there is a good source / way to create randomized solo draft lists. There is a dataflux site that does it really well but only for a select 5 games out of the, what, 16 we have now? If there are any good ways to do this, or other sites I just missed, any info is greatly appreciated.

If you’re just looking to have randomly chosen units to play with, you could use something like this:

Set the range to the total number of playable units and find as many random instances as you want to use.

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Yeah suppose this is fair, I use similar stuff in excel for near 8 hrs a day so I could certainly do this, would just have to assign the entire cast to individual numbers. Plus I feel solo drafts are a bit niche so it’s not surprising how little I could find for them.

You can use the internal IDs for character units for each game, and then the range will be the length.

You know, even if it is a bit niche, there will always be someone else looking for a similar tool for playing a run like this. You actually have a really cool opportunity to setup something that anyone can use to generate future runs and that supports multiple games from the series :slight_smile:

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This is actually the plan. I’m currently working up an excel book with one sheet for each game, just having to work out the fun stuff with it. I think I may post it on a separate thread as a minor resource for people to use. The idea is to have a box to say how many picks you want and it breaks down the cast into that many groups for individual picks.

Generally speaking my intention with this is to get a random few charcters in a way that emulates a choice between characters and having to pick one over the other instead of purely random assignment of characters.

Say in a purely random list my draft “picks” could be randomly set as, say: Lords, Colm, Ross, Duessel, Forde, and Knoll.

Whereas what I want to achieve, (in the style of the somewhat limited website I got the idea from) is to create the player specified number of groups to pick one each from. Say instead;

Group A = Joshua, Neimi, Kyle, Colm

Group B = Marisa, Ross, Lute, Amelia

Group C = Natasha, Artur, Duessel, Tethys

Group D = L’Arachel, Rennac, Dozla, Forde

Group E = Knoll, Gerik, Saleh, Innes

And so on. Italics indicating user picks here, the difference is the intent in picking, taking Colm as my Group A pick means that the other characters are excluded from use. If Seth and Cormag are in the same group, they can’t both be picked, leading to more engagement in the choice itself, rather than hoping to get either.

(Not meaning to overexplain, just putting my thoughts down here for later)