So, how do you handle/insert big chunks of data?

While this is a question, it could also be a design topic.

Specifically, image graphics and sound/ music
where each can “eat” over 0x1200+ space of data.

Do you just put everything at the end of a ROM?
Do you delete unused stuff?
Do you insert them in vanilla free space?
A bit of everything?
How do you handle Feditors data management?

How are you guys being efficient in managing data space?


We ORG to the beginning of a large free space block (e.g. 0xD80000 in FE7) and then have it build/insert everything sequentially from there.

  1. not unless necessary
  2. not unless necessary (and even then, it’s not usually worth the hassle)
  3. mostly
  4. this is not a valid question
  5. don’t use FEditor

While I understand your concern that graphics and sound eat up a lot of space, there is also a lot of free space. And if you use all up, you can double the size of the rom by tacking your extra info at the end (16 MB worth).

unless you know what you’re doing you should always insert things in free space

Do not delete anything, overwrite instead. deleting anything in the rom effectively breaks any pointers that point anything after what you deleted. It’s better to just use free space.

People are moving away from using feditor because of stuff like its data management system.
I recommend looking into the newer EA buildfile method so that you don’t have to worry about feditor breaking things.

EA is currently the best method for inserting while managing your space right now so i suggest you try using that since there are tools that cover basically everything feditor can do.

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Interesting. Didn’t know EA could be used to such an extent (beyond map events).

I’ve been inserting things into a fresh ROM first,
then copying them and keeping them as Hex data in seperate Hex files,
then inserting them and just repointing stuff.

Well, you got the basic idea of a buildfile down right there, except you also let EA take care of the inserting and repointing for you.