Smokes Splices


I just wanted to dump my splices somewhere. They’re free to use.


Brave%20hero%20Gonzales Elric Gill Milyndis Robert%20IV SWORD troy%202 Urachel ugly%20hector Gozo Hero%20Syrene%20-%20Copy2 35b23884539708716eb64640ae9b3b62bc436c35 Ardane Anthony%20-%20Copy Untitled Richter3 Lowen%20Thief3%20-%20Copy Lowen%20Thief3%20-%20Copy%20-%20Copy%20-%20Copy BubbaSara%20Final Smoked%20Stoner%202 Smoked%20Robes%20 Solm%20V2 Sara Christian Ferrus Skeeter vendrick RokuBadas%20the%20Bandit butler1 alfred Restoration%20Lord Restoration%20Lady gozo%20remastered mecr Ken%20The%20Wolfboy SamuraiWIP Smoked%20CDXX%20Improved


really nice splices


My sprite for the splicing competion


Christian Ferrus Sara%20Final vendrick Roku Skeeter
New Splices and some from Faith and Blood


A touch up of an older splice based off one made by AmBrosiac in mugging blitz 2


I present to you
The Restoration Lady
The Restoration Lord
The masterpiece that inspired it all


in my singular year of rom hacking this is hands down the best thing i’ve ever seen


Those mugs are the truest form of art.


hello my friend @Smokeyguy77 i have one request to you can make for is faces the mini and blinking animations

Peticion%20Blinking%20V1 Peticion%20Blinking%20V2 Peticion%20Blinking%20V3 Peticion%20Mini%20V1 Peticion%20Mini


Sorry but I only know how to splice and don’t know how how to do custom, I’m down for requests though I can’t guarantee I’ll get around to it.


ok thanks


mecr Ken%20The%20Wolfboy SamuraiWIP Smoked%20CDXX%20Improved gozo%20remastered
Some reworks of older splices and two new ones


@Dellhonne Actually, @feels did blinking sprites for all the mugs in FE6 recently! You can check them out here.