Smirks Sprites


Hey guys! I used to do a lot of spriting over on Serenes but it seems pretty dead now so I’m gonna start dumping stuff here instead.

This is me

Well it was a few years ago when I made it. I’ll have to update it and add a beard…

Here’s a few customs I did based on two of my buddies IRL. I like right, but I couldn’t quite get the likeness on left.

The quick Bandit Splice for the comp. Not too proud of this one.


A WIP animation.

And here’s a “SALVAGED-esque” Knight remake. Helmet and Helmetless
Always bugged me how few colors they used in the vanilla sprite. Mine is still in the color limits but separates armor, trim/blades, handle/underarmour, skin and even hair all separate; no shared colors.

P.S. If you want to see any of my older stuff


That knight looks awesome, though I wish you had made the armor a bit… thinner, lmao. Love your stuff though! Welcome to FEU, and rip serenes.


Your mugs look great! As they pretty always have haha.

I love the knight and I REALLY love the gladiator animation! Like he actually holds the shield in front of him like one is supposed to and you made it look good!


Nice to meet you!
Yours is wonderful


this makes me happy


It makes me really happy to see that so many spriting veterans from SF are joining FEU :smiley:

Welcome on board, Smirks!

And I totaly agree with Yosh. That Gladiator is :ok_hand:

I’m looking forward to see more of your work :smiley:


Gladiator Crit progress

and some edits to Knight


I thought he was driving the sword into the ground. That might look better honestly. Damn though, I kinda like both helmets for the Knight.


I’m thinking it might be cool if I have him stick the sword in the ground and then push himself backwards with the sword


You made both MORE great. I love that animation so far too. Honestly I just love bucklers.


Maybe like, the motion he has now, but when he moves back he pulls the sword back, then as he lunges he pulls it out of the ground?


why not have him lunge forward and catch the sword on the way, rather than him let the sword fall and then lunge?


Hey @Smirks someone progress with the knight and gladiator animation?