Smash Bros

Anyone else see the news today?

Holy crap, I am freaking out. This is AWESOME.

[For those that haven’t][1]

Dude, FINALLY, FINALLY, I get to use magickz in Smash. Like freaking NOSFERATU.

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Lucina and Robin both look fabulous~

(Oh, and hi Captain Falcon!)

pretty much directly shitting on the leaker

Chrom: “i guess i’ll get my chance another day”

on a side note there really needs to be a general discussion category

there is an uncategorised category

Well, this is actually FE-relevant with FE characters, so I categorized it as such.

Guess it’s time to only play Lucina for SSB

I guess Sakurai really liked Awakening. How the fuck did we get four reps?

And he never used another character again

Eliwood is better, anyway. But then again hacking has made me really like FE7 though so I’m probably not the most objective judge.

inb4 the smash after this one goes back to 2 FE characters (Marth + whoever is recent).

I pretty much freaked out when I saw that
Yaaaay! X3

I seriously hope that Nosferatu heals you
Also breakable tomes in Smash bros is pure genius

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can’t he just get another one through combo?

Exactly my thought! Nosferatu da best!

Is it wrong that I still want Roy?


No unique characteristics as a fighter (he’d probably have been a hybrid of Marth and Ike anyways), so cut him and you’ll get a clone instead. It might’ve been more interesting honestly to have Lucina as the costume swap for Marth and just not’ve changed anything. It sounds like a Fox/Falco type of situation though, but I’m planning on using the customization features anyways so you can always differentiate Lucina yourself. Hopefully she might even have different alternate moves, and her specials are just slightly modified.

It’s cool to know that Sakurai played FE13 and immediately had the inspiration for Robin. It makes me all the more excited to play that character. Can’t complain about four characters though - Sakurai wuvs us.

Seeing as Lucina is basically like Roy from Melee then, well, I guess @Ash3wl, you kinda got Roy, in a way?

Maybe Lucina will have a Roy costume…? : P

Genderbent Roy! Let the social justice run wiiiiiild.

This coming from the man who genderbent half the crew from Akaneia…

Friendly reminder that every FE rep not Marth has been on the other end of the tier list than Marth. Considering how much he’s been nerfed so far, I think we know where everyone else will be placed.

I also laugh at Sakurai’s reason for not including Chrom.