Small and Simple tutorial on how to create battle palettes for any class

Things you’ll need:
Fire Emblem Recolor:

A single frame of the animation.
Like this one:

Which you can simply obtain by extracting one with Feditor.

Let’s start:
First open FeRecolor.
Now get that frame from before and paste it into:
FE Recolor\sprites\battle_sprites\ folder.
Open that frame with FeRecolor using Load Image down there.
It will look like this:

Now, see the nunmbers on the far right?
Change then to this order:

0 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8
Like this:

Now have fun changing your palettes and inserting it in your ROM/Buildfile with whatever method you feel like to.

The order of those numbers are not always the same for every animation because not all animations are colored the same way. The safer, more universal way to do it is to open the frame in an image editor, zoom in on the upper right corner for the palette, and make the colors from top to bottom in FERecolor match the order of the colors going right-to-left, 1st row then 2nd. Then you just change the numbers so they go 0 to 15 down the right side.

Nope, it does work with any battle frame you get, if you zoom out in upper right

you’ll see that, that’s the palette order the game uses from right to left, and since FeRecolor reads from left to right, a simple invertion in the order works.

Knight frames don’t use it because they lack skintones. Not only that, they also have two unused colors.

The same for Pegasi, Wyverns, Cavaliers, basically any unit that’s mounted will have a different arrangement of colors to make their mount be shaded properly.

Now, for footsoldiers what you’ve described is usually true. But I’m just letting you know that your guide isn’t universally applicable. Not to mention some custom animations you can find on the repo don’t follow typical color orders either.

btw if you’re trying to figure out how to setup the images for ferecolor this already exists

Dude, stop trying to say my tutorial is wrong, because it’s correct.
Just exported a frame using Feditor here, from the KNIGHT you mentioned.

No I opened it up with Ferecolor

Set up just like I said in my tutorial

And guess what?

Works E X A C T L Y like I said.
First test the metod before trying to blame me for false accusations.
Have a good day.

Just want to apologize real quick because I made a bad assumption based on one of your images in the first post and made a mistake following your instructions when testing on the Knight. It does appear that your method works no matter what order the colors are in. I’m sorry for being persistent on it when I was wrong. I’ll be trying your method more when I have more palettes to insert for my own project. It should save me a little bit of time going forward!