Slayer Emblem: Sacred Stones PME

Well that Wyvern Emblem is stagnating, probably because I’m an idiot and made it so… narrow.

Time to double down.

Let’s see, what are we doing this time… Because I am an absolute dunce… Slayer Emblem. Everyone is in a class that can go into a Bishop, or Bishop adjacent class. Unlike the Wyvern Emblem, I am indeed allowing custom classes for variants, probably not totally new ones, but adjacent in the vein of like, “Undead Bishop”, or whatever, essentially being Necromancer with Light access.

The biggest thing is, every playable must have Slayer as their class skill. I’m using my Celestaris buildfiles as a base, so the skill list is also probably unusual, that’ll be down there somewhere.

There are new classes and items that will… essentially go unused because they’re not Bishop or Bishop-adjacent creatures. I do have Knives, though, so feel free to dagger Bishop.

Dunno about bosses yet!

I ‘might’ do a more contemporary PME with these buildfiles later with all this random new stuff, I dunno, maybe if there’s interest.

CON and MOV growths exist! They will use a point system instead of growths, just put the points you want into them.

Probably bloody unusual with a few things that are present, but I like experimentation. If you don’t want to fill out the personal character data, please don’t feel obligated to, it’s just a carryover and I can’t be bothered removing it, ironically, the less lazy thing is to just leave it there.

Anyways! Rules, I s’pose (this rule list seems familiar for some reason)~

  • EVERYONE is a Bishop or FE2 Falcoknight or adjacent class (And their unpromoted forms, of course)!

  • Boons and banes of +/- 5 to stats, only excluding movement, constitution is fair game (That will only be a +/- 3 instead).

  • I’d still prefer no meme units since I’m still obsessed with new ideas and actual characters, but right now I’m on the fence on it. Depends on if people put forward something interesting or just the same Zane portrait I’ve seen many times over. I’m going to say this a little more adamantly here. It’s boring when people put the same meme unit forward because, well… they’re already elsewhere.


New Affinities (Star, Lunar and Solar)
CON and MOV growths
25 EXP per staff use minimum
Trading/Talking/Whatever doesn’t end turn.
+/- 2 ATK/20 HIT Weapon Triangle Bonuses
+10% to all class growths! Should make scarier enemies
Few class rebalances, so enemies will be scarier there too, probably.

MOAR items~
Greatlances and Poleaxes, Compact Axe, Claybeg and Slim Javelin (Trainee 2-range Sword and Javelin)
Ellight (B Rank Light), Judgement (Petrifies, B Rank), Resire (HP yoink, A Rank), Forbearance (Mercy, C Rank Light Super accurate, 12 use)
Many Wind/Thunder/Fire tomes, Sagittae (B Rank Anima, attacks defence)
Worm (E Rank Dark), Ruin (+ Crit C Rank Dark), Dulam (Siege tome, B Rank Dark)
Bronze/Iron/Steel/Silver Knives, Soldier’s Knife (Hero), Assassin Knife (Killer)

MOAR classes~
…Most relevantly, Curate, a Tier 0 healer, and Ascetic, a female Monk.


First off, the skills from the previous FE8 PME~

- Azure Pool: DEF/RES and CRIT +5 to adjacent allies. (Master Knight class skill) (Basically blue version of Blood Tide/Night Tide/White Pool)
- Holystorm: Has a SKL% chance to add DEF to ATK when attacking. (Yggdrasil Axe Weapon Skill?)
- Leylines: Has a SKL% chance to add SPD to ATK when attacking. (Chione Anim Weapon Skill?)
- Odd Shaped: During odd-numbered Turns, ATK +4. (Gheb - Ghoby)
- Holy Armour: 1/2 of damage taken is ignored. (Amaya class skill)
- Resentment: +1 ATK for every 2 missing HP. (Morva - Curse Dragon)
- Honour: This unit wishes to duel with honour and will effortlessly nullify ranged attacks. (Riev - Sagumoto) (Basically Shortshield+ which makes ranged attacks do no damage)
- Dark Mantle: Negates the foe’s abillity to inflict critical hits against the user. (Basically Fortune) (Lyon - Saleos)
- True Loyalty: When within 2 spaces of a Lord, -9 damage taken, +45% HIT. (GlenCC - Lee)
- Moonlight Lullaby: Unit has a SKL% chance inflict the sleep status on hit. (SelenaCC - Hoshiko)
- Robust Physique: Grants unit +1 MOV, +3 CON, and +5 SPD. (IsmaireCC - Ventura)
- Sacrificial Ritual: Upon killing a foe, MAG% chance to get “Proof of Devotion”. (C6 is the item ID) (HaydenCC - Eva) (Based on Despoil)
- Resolute Duty: Gains +1 HIT/CRIT per missing HP. (OrsonCC - Denning)
- Demoralise: -15 HIT/CRIT to enemies within 3 spaces. (Basically Daunt) (Syrene - Zeta)
- Nimble Assault: +1 ATK per 4 SPD and +1 AS/CRIT per 2 SPD. (Cormag - Callie)
- Vile and Biota - Has a SKL% chance on attack to use Vile, poisoning a target or Biota, sleeping a target. (Tethys - Liddell)
- Stout Defense: If unit is within 3 tiles of an ally, unit and ally gain +7 DEF/RES/SPD. (Amelia - Xacain)
- Cursed Weapon: Upon finishing battle HP -10. (Base off of Fury skill) (Reaperastra, Lorenz's lance)
- Triangle Advantage: If unit fights an enemy with a axe, sword, or lance unit gains +5 Atk +50 hit and +15 Crit. (Tija)
- Merciless: Attacks against a poisoned target will always be critical (Faya)
- Peak Performance: if unit is at full health they get +20 Hit +20 Crit and +25 Avoid (Rodrick)
- Devoted to the Sword: Swords can't lose durability, and grants +Luck Crit when wielding swords. (Amane)

Personal skills from Celestaris~

- (Fjolla) Cybernetics: Takes half damage when attacked but is unable to dodge.
- (Makala) Temperamental: +2 ATK, +10 HIT/CRIT on even turns. +2 DEF, +10 AVO/DODGE on odd turns.
- (Aokoran) Elementalist: Can only attack at 1 range but MAG/SKL is x1.25 its actual number. (Basically perma-resolve)
- (Akeldama) Boarfear: Terrified of anything she considers slightly boar-like, +2 MOV near Armours, +15 AVO if enemy STR > Akeldama's.
- (Ruxshin) Invocator: RES/2% chance to summon the Dragon spirit, adding SKL to ATK. The Ox spirit blocking damage. Or the Rat spirit stealing 50% damage dealt as HP.
- (Dia) Rapid Regeneration: Heals 10% per phase, on attack, upon defeating enemy and when attacked.
- (Vida) Gatling: Has a SKL% chance to attack 8 times in quick succession but sets hit chance to 30% for the rest of the battle.
- (Naira) Armour Crusher: +1 ATK to every 2 DEF the enemy has.
- (Arcus) Absolute Defiance: HP < 75% +20 AVO, HP < 50% SPD/SKL*1.5, +10 CRIT, HP < 25% STR/DEF/RES*2.
- (Hypasia) Sky Terror: AS/HIT/AVO/CRIT +1 per 2 RES.
- (Amaya) Guardian: Increases adj. ally DEF/RES +5 and heals 25% each turn. At full HP ATK/DEF/RES +5 and CRIT +15.
- (Nue) Utter Panic: When attacked AVO +25, CRIT +10, HIT -20.
- (Eloise) Subtle Puppetry: When attacked enemy AS -3, HIT/AVO -15, ATK -2, CRIT -10.
- (Lillian) Furtive Historian: +3 AS/DEF/RES, -15 HIT on terrain. "Secretly distracted looking for hidden ancient texts".
- (Azukiiro) Iaijutsu: When initiating +5 ATK, +30 CRIT, +50 HIT, cannot double, disallows enemy counter.
- (Sybil) Royal Defender: DEF/RES +4, HIT +20, AVO -20 when Lance equipped.
- (Lenna) Wrathful Reprisal: When under attack, Critical rate +50.
- (Tsukiko/Vagrant) Lone Sentinel: Each point of missing HP gives +1 AVO, when HP < 25% gives +25 AVO.
- (Aoi) Duelist: +1 AVO for every STR the enemy has, +1 CRIT for every DEF the enemy has.
- (Velvet) Grim Frenzy: Adds +1 ATK/AVO, -1 DEF/RES per 2 HP missing, as well as +1 CRIT per HP missing.
- (Kanna Tersa) Haste Aura: +4 AS to user and allies in a range of 3.
- (Nerisha) Unnatural Reflexes: +30 AVO.
- (Milandratha) Vigourous: Adds +1 ATK for every CON.
- (Huotou) Heavy Defence: -1 damage taken for every CON.
- (Veliko) Triple Slash: Has a SPD% chance to attack three times in quick succession.
- (Sionnach) Utter Silence: +10 AVO. +10 AVO/HIT when initiating.
- (Rowena) Dutiful One: +15 HIT, +3 DEF, +2 ATK when near lord.
- (Minori) Holy Flash: +25 AVO to Minori and +15 AVO to enemy when initiating. "Too bright!!"
- (Ceres) Decimate: Has a SKL% chance on hit to deal 10 extra damage.
- (Fareena) Sublime Presence: Gives allies in range of 2 +1 ATK/DEF/AS +5 HIT/CRIT/AVO/DGD. "I don't have to do ACTUALLY do anything, right?"
- (Lyulf) Dread Magic: Has a SKL% chance to corrode an enemy's weapon or to poison them.
- (Saoirse) Overclock: When HP < 50% +7 SPD.
- (Sterling) Alchemist: Has SKL/2% chance upon defeating an enemy to create an Elixir. (6D is item ID)
- (Shiraha) Rabbit's Foot: When HP > 50% will survive a fatal attack and LCK -5, when HP < 50% +13 LCK. LCK% chance to life steal.
- (Yukon) Otherworldly Howl: Has a SKL/2% chance to ignore enemy's DEF, as well as petrifying them.
- (Gwawr) Eternal Watch: When in 2 range of a Lord, +20 HIT, +4 ATK.
- (Darin) Ignore Pain: Reduces all damage taken by 25%, when initiating +3 DEF/RES.
- (Miriam) Backed Into A Corner: When surrounded by 2 enemies in a range of 2, ATK +10. If surrounded by 3, +3 more ATK.
- (Lorelai) Sleight of Hand: Allows Lorelai to Steal, as well as giving a LCK% upon defeating an enemy to obtain 100 Ruld.
- (Ash) Soul Revenant: Gives allies in 1 range +2 DEF/RES For each missing 25%, Ash has +2 DEF/RES.

Random skills I made for fun~

- Gunslinger (Saoirse Class skill): Gives a STR% chance to attack again. +1 CRIT per MAG.
- Continue - AS% to initiate another hit. May activate conscutively. (Shurei class skill?)
- Hold Out: If unit had 2 HP or more at start of combat, unit always survives combat with at least 1 HP.
- Halberdier Stance: HIT/AVO/CRIT +10 when using a lance.
- Swordmaster Stance: AVO +10 and CRIT +20 when using a sword.
- Demonskin: Only 1/4th damage is taken from attacks.
- Frost Regent: +4 DEF and +30% skill activation rate when HP < 50%. (Eira Class skill)
- Arms Shield: When unit has weapon advantage, unit takes 3 less damage.
- Trained to Kill: While unit occupies terrain grants CRIT +15.
- Sword Prowess: Grants HIT +10, AVO +20, and Dodge +10 when using a sword.
- Lance Prowess: Grants HIT +15, AVO +15, and Dodge +10 when using a lance.
- Axe Prowess: Grants HIT +20, AVO +10, and Dodge +10 when using an axe.
- Bow Prowess: Grants HIT +15, AVO +15, and Dodge +10 when using a bow.
- Tome Prowess: Grants HIT +20, AVO +10, and Dodge +10 when using magic.
- Authority: Grants HIT +10, AVO +10 and ATK +2 to allies in a range of 4.
- Berserker Stance: CRIT +30 when using an axe.
- Sniper Stance: AVO +30 when using a bow.
- Greatweapon: Unit will attack last when initiating.
- Aggressor - +10 ATK when initiating battle.
- Critical +25.
- Zeal - CRIT +5.
- Compounding Wrath: At start of combat, for each HP the unit has lost, grants Crit+1 during combat.
- Cornered Beast: If unit’s HP is 50% or less at start of combat, grants Crit+30 during combat. (Wrath becomes +50)
- Blood Fury: If unit’s HP is not at max after combat, grants Crit+10 as long as unit’s HP stays below max.
- Will to Win: If unit’s HP is 50% or less at start of combat, grants Hit/Avo+20 during combat.
- Ikari: When HP is 50% or less the unit will always critical.
- Awakening: When HP is under half, Hit rate, Avoid, Critical rate and Critical Evade +30. (Yami class skill)
- Bow Range +2: Maximum range of equipped bows is increased.
- No Distractions: +15 crit when enemy is unable to counter.
- Lilac Aura: The user and allies within 3 spaces will have an increased critical strike chance of 10%. (Velvet class skill?)

MikeySeregon Skills~

- Better Odds: Recover 40% HP at the start of odd-numbered Turns. (Wolfssegner class skill, from Fates)
- Even Better: Recover 40% HP at the start of even-numbered Turns. (Nine-Tails class skill, from Fates)
- Good Fortune: Luck% chance of recovering 20% HP at the start of the user’s Turn. (Mercenary class skill, from Fates)
- Salvage Blow: Luck% chance of receiving an Iron Sword, Lance, Axe or Bow if the user defeats the enemy. (Blacksmith class skill, from Fates)
- Bushido: If unit’s level is higher than the enemy (Promoted units add +20 to level), +10 Crit and +2/-2 Damage dealt/taken. (Inspired by Ryoma’s personal skill, from Fates)
- Competitive: If unit’s level is lower than the enemy (Promoted units add +20 to level), +10 Crit and +2/-2 Damage dealt/taken. (Inspired by Takumi’s personal skill, from Fates)
- Evenhanded: During even-numbered Turns, damage +4 (Kitsune class skill, from Fates)
- Fierce Counter: +2 Damage when a male enemy initiates the combat. (Forrest’s personal skill, from Fates)
- Hunter’s Boon: If enemy’s HP < 50%, +20 Crit (Petra’s personal skill, from Three Houses)
- Philanderer: +2/-2 damage dealt/taken when adjacent to a female ally. (Sylvain’s personal skill, from Three Houses)
- Pride: If unit’s level is lower than the enemy (Promoted units add +20 to level), +4 Damage. (Hayato’s personal skill, from Fates)
- Prodigy: If unit’s (Str+Mag) is lower than enemy’s (Str+Mag), +4 Damage. (Inspired by Caeldori’s personal skill, from Fates)
- Rivalry: +2/-2 damage dealt/taken when adjacent to a male ally. (Leonie’s personal skill, from Three Houses)
- Unmask: If enemy is female, +4 Damage and +20 Crit. (Charlotte’s personal skill, from Fates)
- Bold Turtle: If foe’s Move > unit’s Move, +4 Damage dealt.
- Entropy: +25 avo against physical weapons.
- Graceful Rider: Grants the user +15 Hit/Avd against enemies that have lower Skl than you.
- Hunter: Attack +5 when fighting mounted unit.
- Underdog: +15 Hit/Avo if User Lv. < Enemy Lv.
- Winged Rider: Grants the user +15 Avd against ground units.
- Wise Turtle: If foe’s Move > unit’s Move, -4 Damage taken.
- Witch’s Brew: Luck% of getting a potion after Waiting for the first 7 turns.

Phantom Sentine Skills~

- Air Superiority: Against flying foes, grants +30 Hit/Avo.
- Concentration: If unit is not adjacent to a foe, grants +2 damage dealt.
- Defender: While unit is rescuing ally, grants +2* to all stats.
- Deliverer: While unit is rescuing ally, grants +2 Movement.
- (FE14) Gamble: Grants Crit +10. Inflicts Hit -10.
- Guard: At start of combat, if unit’s HP > 50%, grants +10 Critical Evade.
- Heartseeker: While in combat against an adjacent foe, inflicts -20 Avo on foe.
- Volant: If no allies within 2 spaces of unit, grants +2 damage dealt.

Standard Skill System Skills~

- Provoke: Enemies are more likely to target this unit.
- Shade: Enemies are less likely to target this unit.
- Shade+: Enemies will not target this unit.
- Anathema: -10 Avoid/Dodge to all enemies within 3 tiles.
- Blood Tide: Atk and Hit +5 to adjacent allies.
- Charisma: Grants +10 Hit/Avoid to all allies within three tiles.
- Charm: Allies within 2 tiles deal +2 damage.
- Daunt: -5 Hit and Crit to all enemy units in a 3-tile radius.
- Demoiselle: Male allies within 2 tiles receive -2 damage.
- Drive Skills: Allies within 2 spaces receive +4 to their respective stat.
- Focus: +10 Critical if there are no allies within 3 tiles.
- Gentilhomme: Female allies within 2 tiles receive -2 damage.
- Hex: -15 avoid to all adjacent enemies.
- Infiltrator: If within 2 spaces of two or more enemies, gain +3 damage and +15% hit.
- Inspiration: Allies within 2 tiles deal +2 damage and receive -2 damage.
- Divinely Inspiring: Adjacent allies deal +3 damage and receive -1 damage.
- Intimidate: -10 Avoid to all enemies within 2 tiles.
- Lily's Poise: Adjacent allies gain +1/-3 damage dealt/received.
- Malefic Aura: Enemies within 2 tiles receive +2 magic damage.
- Night Tide: Def and Res +5 to adjacent allies.
- Solidarity: Critical and Critical Avoid +10 to adjacent allies.
- Spur Skills: Adjacent allies gain +4 to their respective stat.
- Tantivy: +10 Hit/Avoid if there are no allies within 3 tiles.
- Voice of Peace: Enemies within 2 tiles deal -2 damage.
- White Pool: Atk and AS +5 to adjacent allies.
- Skyguard: +4 defense against flying enemies if within 3 spaces of an ally flier.
- Horseguard: +4 defense against horseback enemies if within 3 spaces of an ally horse rider.
- Armorboost: +4 attack and defense against armored enemies if within 3 spaces of an armored ally.
- Rally Chaos: At the start of your turn, perform a random rally.
- Hoarder's Bane: At the end of your turn, consume a vulnerary from the supply if below full health.
- Dark Bargain: At the end of your turn, sacrifice extra exp to heal by that much.
- Eternal Vanity: Your buffed stats do not deplete each turn.
- _ Taker: After attacking and defeating an enemy, gain +4 _. (Max +10)
- Hone _ : At the start of your turn, give adjacent allies up to +3 _.
- _ Oath : At the start of your turn, gain up to +4 _ if adjacent to an ally.
- Rouse _ : At the start of your turn, gain up to +4 _ if not adjacent to an ally.
- _ Initiative: Begin the chapter with +7 __.
- Seal Skills: Debuff opponent's stat by 6 after combat. (Recover 1/turn)
- Full Metal Body: This unit is immune to all the Seal skills.
- Nullify: Unit is protected from all effective attacks.
- Skybreaker: Deal effective damage to flying units.
- Resourceful: Double effectiveness multiplier.
- Paragon: Experience gain is doubled.
- Void Curse: This unit gives no experience when defeated.
- Blossom: 2x growth rates, but 1/2 exp gain.
- Aptitude: +20% to all growth rates.
- Renewal: Restore 30% of max HP at the start of each turn.
- Amaterasu: Allies within 2 tiles recover 20% HP each turn.
- Camaraderie: Recover 10% HP each turn if there are allies within 2 tiles.
- Relief: Recover 20% HP each turn if there are no allies within 2 tiles.
- Bond: All allies within 3 tiles recover 10% HP each turn.
- Forager: Recover 20% HP each turn if on a Plain, Forest or Mountain.
- Imbue: Recover HP equal to Magic at the start of each turn.
- Acrobat: All traversable terrain costs 1 movement.
- Armor March: At start of turn, if unit is adjacent to an armor ally, unit and adjacent armor allies gain +2 Mov.
- Pass: Can move through enemy units.
- Keep Up: At start of turn, if unit is within 3 spaces of an ally with Canto or Canto+, unit gains +2 Mov.
- Indoor March: At start of turn, if unit is on indoor terrain, unit gains +2 Mov.
- Nature Rush: At start of turn, if unit is on natural terrain, unit gains +2 Mov.
- Breath of Life: After attacking,allies in 2 tiles heal of 20% max HP.
- Canto: Can move again after certain actions.
- Canto+: Can move again after attacking and other actions.
- Despoil: Obtain a Red Gem after attacking and defeating an enemy. (Luck % activation)
- Fury: +2 Atk/Spd/Def/Res. Unit takes 6 damage after combat.
- Galeforce: Move again after attacking and defeating an enemy.
- Lifetaker: Restore up to 25% HP after attacking and defeating an enemy.
- Poison Strike: Deals damage equal to 20% of the enemy's max HP after battle this unit initiates.
- Grisly Wound: Deals damage equal to 20% of the enemy's max HP after every battle.
- Powerstaff: Get another action after using a staff.
- Re-Move: Luck% chance to get another action at end of turn.
- Savage Blow: After attacking, enemies within 2 tiles take 20% damage.
- Gridmaster: Movement skills do not end your action.
- Axefaith: Axes can't lose durability, and grants +Luck*1.5 Hit when wielding axes.
- Battle Veteran: Gain +1 damage and +5% Hit per 10 levels unit has.
- Blow Skills: Apply a stat bonus when initiating battle.
- Breaker Skills:  +50 Hit/Avo when enemy has the specified weapon type equipped.
- Charge: Gain +1 damage for every two squares moved.
- Charge+: Charge+: If unit has used up all movement, gain brave effect.
- Critical Force: Base critical is Skl * 1.5.
- Killing Machine: Total critical rate is doubled.
- Crit Boost: +15 critical rate.
- Strong Riposte: When under attack, damage +3.
- Patience: When under attack, avoid +10.
- Pursuit: When under attack, attack speed +2.
- Chivalry: When foe is at full HP, attack and def/res +2.
- Pragmatic: When foe is not at full HP, attack +3 and def/res+1.
- Defiant Avoid/Crit: When HP is 25% or lower, gain +30 Avoid or Crit.
- Indoor/Outdoor Fighter: +10 Hit and Avo when fighting indoors/outdoors.
- Elbow Room: +3 damage dealt when on open terrain.
- Even/Odd Rhythm: +10 Hit and Avoid on even or odd numbered turns.
- Faire Skills: +4 damage when equipping a weapon of the specified type.
- Fiery Blood: +4 damage when HP is not at max.
- Foreign Princess: Foreign army units take -2/+2 damage dealt/taken.
- Fortune: This unit cannot be crit.
- Frenzy: For every 4 damage taken, +1 to damage dealt.
- Hawkeye: User will always hit the enemy.
- Heavy Strikes: Add weapon weight to critical chance.
- Holy Aura: Gain +1 damage, +5% hit, +5% avoid, +5% crit when using light.
- Insight: Hit +20.
- Knight Aspirant: When above 75% health, +2 damage, +15% avoid.
- Life and Death: +10 to damage dealt and taken.
- Light Weight: When holding three or less items, attack speed +3.
- Loyalty: When within 2 spaces of a Lord, -3 damage taken, +15% hit.
- Lucky Seven: +20 Hit and Avoid until the 7th turn.
- Mage Slayer: Gain +2 damage and +10% crit when facing magical enemies.
- Natural Cover: -3 damage taken when on terrain with effects.
- Opportunist: +4 damage if the foe cannot counter.
- Outrider: Take -1 damage and gain +3% crit per space moved.
- Perfectionist: +15 Hit/Avoid when user's HP is at maximum.
- Prescience: When initiating battle, Hit and Avo +15.
- Puissance: +3 Damage when the user's Strength is higher than the enemy's.
- Quick Riposte: If defending and HP is 50% or higher, unit doubles and attacker does not double.
- Quick/Slow Burn: Hit and Avoid bonus increasing or decreasing each turn, maximum +15.
- Short Shield: Gain 6 defense against attacks recieved in melee.
- Silent Pride: Gain 2 damage and take -2 damage per 25% below max HP.
- Stance Skills: Bonus to stats when defending.
- Thunderstorm: If weapon weight > enemy W. Weight, +2 dmg, +15% hit, +5% crit.
- Tower Shield: Gain 6 defense against attacks recieved at range.
- Tower Shield+: Take no damage against attacks recieved at range.
- Trample: +5 damage to unmounted units.
- Vanity: Gain +2 Damage and +10 Hit when fighting enemy at 2 range.
- Vigilance: Avoid +20.
- Wind Disciple: +10 Hit and Avoid when HP is not at max.
- Wrath: If HP < 50%, +50 critical rate.
- Quick Draw: +4 Damage when initiating battle.
- Arcane Blade: When initiating battle at 1 range: Add 3+(Mag/2) to Hit and Crit.
- Blue Flame: Attack +2. When adjacent to an ally, Attack +4.
- Double Lion: All weapons are treated as brave.
- Heavy Blade: +4 Damage/-2 Attack Speed when unit’s Con. is bigger than the enemy.
- Dancing Blade: +4 Attack Speed/-2 Damage when unit’s Con. is lower than the enemy.
- Fire Boost: Grants +6 Attack if unit's current HP is at least 3 higher than the enemy's.
- Wind Boost: Grants +6 Attack Speed if unit's current HP is at least 3 higher than the enemy's.
- Earth Boost: Grants +6 Defense if unit's current HP is at least 3 higher than the enemy's.
- Water Boost: Grants +6 Resistance if unit's current HP is at least 3 higher than the enemy's.
- Air Raid: Grants +5 or +15 on a stat when on a tile enemy cannot enter
- Chaos Style: AS +3 during combat with a physical weapon against a foe armed with magic or vice versa.
- Dragonskin: Halve damage taken
- Stunning Smile: If foe is male, inflicts Avo-20 on that foe during combat.
- Adept: Gain a consecutive attack. (Speed % activation)
- Aegis: Nullify a magic attack. (Skill % activation)
- Aether: First strike absorbs HP, second strike negates defenses. (Skill/2 % activation)
- Astra: 5 attacks at half damage. (Skill % activation)
- Bane: Leave the opponent at 1 HP if the attack would kill. (Skill/2 % activation)
- Barricade: Damage taken is halved after first being struck.
- Barricade+: In combat, damage recieved equals half of the damage when struck last.
- Black Magic: Skill% chance to inflict a random status.
- Colossus: Triples Strength. (Skill % activation)
- Corona: Negate enemy resistance. (Skill% activation)
- Counter: Reflect physical damage when attacked at 1-2 range.
- Countermagic: Reflect magic damage when attacked at 1-2 range.
- Deadeye: Doubles hit rate. Skill% chance to inflict sleep.
- Devil's Luck: Immune to Devil Reversal. Gives unit's Devil Reversal to the enemy. (31-Luck % chance of Devil Reversal).
- Devil's Pact: Immune to Devil Reversal. Curses the enemy with Devil Reversal. (31-Luck % chance of Devil Reversal).
- Devil's Whim: This unit is cursed, but the curse spreads to the enemy as well. (31-Luck % chance of Devil Reversal).
- Dragon Fang: 1.5x damage. (Skill% activation)
- Eclipse: Leave opponent with 1 HP. (Skill % activation)
- Enrage: Inflict berserk status. (Skill% activation)
- Flare: Halve enemy resistance. (Skill% activation)
- Foresight: Avoid the damage from enemy Critical Hits and Skill Activations.
- Ignis: Add Def/2 and Res/2 to damage dealt. (Skill % activation)
- Impale: Deal 4x damage. (Skill % activation)
- Lethality: Instantly kill opponent. (Skill/2 % activation)
- Luna: Negates enemy defenses. (Skill % activation)
- Miracle: Survive a lethal attack if HP > 50%.
- Moonbow: Enemy Def/Res is reduced by 25%. Charge: 2
- Pavise: Nullify a physical attack. (Skill % activation)
- Petrify: Inflict stone status. (Skill% activation)
- Sol: Restore damage dealt as HP. (Skill % activation)
- Sure Shot: A precision attack that always hits and does 1.5x damage. (Skill % activation)
- Corrosion: Decrease durability of enemy's weapon by User's level (Skill/2 % activation)
- Glacies: Add unit's Resistance to damage dealt. (Skill % activation)
- Great Shield: Negate all damage. (Defense % activation)
- Vengeance: Add half of damage taken to damage dealt. (Skill % activation)
- Bow Range +1: Maximum range of equipped bows is increased.
- Point Blank: Minimum range of equipped bows is set to 1.
- Staff Savant: Maximum range of staves is increased by 1.
- Tome Range +1: Maximum range of equipped tome is increased.
- Armsthrift: Luck % chance to not consume weapon durability.
- Dazzle: Opponents cannot counterattack this unit.
- Desperation: If HP < 50%, double attacks occur immediately.
- Assassinate: When initiating battle at 1 range: +2 Damage, double attacks occur before counter.
- Moonlight: Cannot double but opponent cannot counterattack.
- Defiant Skills: When HP is 25% or lower, gain +4 to the given stat.
- Resolve: When HP < 50%, gain 1.5x Str, Skl, & Spd.
- Fortress Defense: +5 Def, -3 Str/Mag
- Fortress Resistance: 5 Res, -3 Str/Mag
- (Heroes) Life and Death: Grants +5 Atk/Mag/Spd, -5 Def/Res.
- Push Skills: When HP is full, gain +5 to the given stat.
- Lull Skills: Negate the effects of a rally for the given stat.
- Guts:  +5 Str while under any status condition. (Includes dancer rings.)
- Strong Constitution: +5 Def/Res while under any status condition. (Includes dancer rings.)
- Rally Skills: +4 to specified stat to allies within 2 tiles.
- Capture: Capture an enemy after defeating it with reduced stats.
- Dance: Refresh an ally unit to let them act again.
- Gamble: A reckless attack with halved hit but doubled crit.
- Lunge: Swap places with the opponent after combat. (No effect if Move is --)
- Mercy: Enemies are left with at least 1 HP.
- Summon: Can conjure a phantom soldier to fight alongside you.
- Supply: This unit has access to the convoy.
- Shove: Allows unit to push other units one tile away.
- Smite: Allows unit to push other units two tiles away.
- Pivot: Allows unit to move to the opposite side of an adjacent ally.
- Reposition: Allows unit to pull an adjacent ally to its opposite side.
- Swap: Allows unit to swap positions with an adjacent ally.
- Swarp: Allows unit to swap positions with a distant ally.
- Steal: Unit can steal items.
- Steal+: Unit can steal unequipped weapons and staves if con>weight.
- Wary Fighter: Unit cannot double or be doubled.
- Savior: Can rescue without penalties.
- Discipline: Weapon experience gains are doubled.
- Vantage: If HP < 50%, strike first when attacked.
- Vantage+: User always attacks first, even if attacked. Negates crits.
- Nihil: Cancels the opponent's skills in combat.
- Live to Serve: When healing an ally, also heals self.
- Locktouch: Can open locks without keys or picks.
- Expertise: Reduce bonus damage from critical hits by 50%.
- Celerity: Movement +2.
- Dragon's Blood: Unit is able to activate Dragon Veins.
- Hero: +30% skill activation rate when HP is below 50%.
- Rightful King: +10% to Skill activation rate.
- Rightful God: +30% to Skill activation rate.
- Triangle Adept: Doubles weapon triangle effects for this unit.
- Triangle Adept+: Doubles weapon triangle effects.
- Inspiring Tune: Refreshing a unit grants them +2 Pow/Def until the next turn.
- Liquid Ooze: Attackers trying to gain HP from attacking this unit lose it instead.
- Shadowgift: Allows the user to use Dark Magic. (Uses highest Magic Rank)
- Lumina: Allows the user to use Light Magic. (Uses highest Magic Rank)
- Discipline+: Weapon experience gains are doubled. Unit may S-Rank multiple weapon types.
- Watchful: This unit cannot be captured or stolen from.
- Boon: Cure bad status effects at the beginning of each turn.
- Synchronize: Statuses are also applied to the attacker.
- Bargain: Halves prices in shops.
- Poise: +1 Move. Negates enemy hit bonus from weapon triangle advantage.
- Amische: This unit's religion disallows them from using non-Iron weaponry.
- Triangle Attack: Allows this unit to perform a triangle attack with 2 other units who have this skill.
- Shrewd Potential: Stat boosters provide +1 more than usual.



Personal Skill:

(375% max for normal characters. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)

(5 ‘points’ max for these two. 1 ‘point’ of CON is 5%, 1 ‘point’ of MOV is 2%, just put the points you want!)

Death Quote:





Likes (x2):
Dislikes: (x2):
Race Description:

Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):



(Prologue > Ch. 8)
Eirika - Boah (Bishop) ~ SmeargleDBZ
Seth - Shizuka (Bishop) ~ VelvetKitsune
Seth2 - Maredin (Sword Saint) ~ Taylor
Franz -
Gillam -
Vanessa -
Moulder - Lysanias (Monk) ~ AlemOwl
Ross -
Garcia -
Neimi -
Colm - Ileana (Pegasus Knight) ~ Someone
Artur -
Lute -
Natasha -
Joshua - Servia (Ascetic) ~ Taylor
Ephraim - Phoebe (Saint) ~ Alex_p_v
Forde -
Kyle -
Orson -

(Ch. 9 > Ch. 15)
Tana -
Amelia -
Innes -
Gerik -
Tethys -
Marisa -
L’Arachel -
Dozla -
Saleh -
Ewan -
Cormag -
Rennac -
Duessel -
Knoll -

(Ch. 16+)
Myrrh -
Syrene -


Oh my… This Looks really good!


What about Falcoknights? (Their FE2 iteration does have Slayer)


…ah damn you found a loophole. Curses!


Ok 2 question
1 did slayer need to be class skill or did they just need to learn it
2 can Myrrh can have higher growths or did they allowed to make “balanced” prf wepon


Class skill only. Two skills overall for everyone, a Personal skill, and a Class skill… which’ll be Slayer.
Myrrh’s not going to be a Manakete here unless she’s a bishop dragon? So normal growths for her slot. New weapon’s probably good though.


One thing… What are the other “Adjacent” classes? Are these custom classes you made? (If so, please give us a list) Or we can make our custom classes?


Whatever you can think of, the only two ‘relevant’ classes I’ve got are Curate, a Trainee healer, and Ascetic for female Monk.


Are stuff like Dark Bishops, High Priests, Saints and War Monks “adjacent” enough to be an option?

What about Mages promoting into Bishops, like in FE1/3?

And what about a Three Hopes-like Cavalier->Paladin->Falcoknight promotion line?

Also, any plans to implement ClassChgExpansion for a FE2/15 style Villager?


Yes to the first set and the mages into bishops.
…Probably not the Three Hopes thing, Three Houses and Hopes is a bit too abstract to really use as is.

NAH. …I’m too scared to try that out, last time I played with it was pretty disastrous. Maybe later…?


Name: Zuiho
Gender: Female
Replacing: Gilliam
Affinity: Fire
Class: sculptor (essentially the thief of this. People who are good with hands and create goddess icons. Thief’s with access to light magic instead of swords. Both promotions have slayer plus something else. Either:
Builder: Pegasus & Slayer
fine sculptor: Locktouch & Anima & Slayer
I hope this adds thiefs in a way that is true to the spirit of slayer emblem.)

Boon: RES
Bane: DEF

Personal Skill:
Keep Up

(375% max for normal characters. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)
HP: 70
STR: 5
MAG: 60
SKL: 50
SPD: 60
LCK: 60
DEF: 35
RES: 35

(5 ‘points’ max for these two. 1 ‘point’ of CON is 5%, 1 ‘point’ of MOV is 2%, just put the points you want!)
CON: 2
MOV: 3

Description: Bastard girl who found her calling in the church.
Death Quote: “Is this a joke? I don’t get it…”

Portrait: Zuiho-7




Likes (x2): Chess, Spiders
Dislikes: (x2): Unfair live situations (Both as people having no chance or too much chance. Critical of nobility.), Warm liquids. (Tea/Coffee/Soups. She just doesn’t really get them that much.)
Age: 15
Height: I dunno, I guess average/small for her age.
Race: Human
Race Description: She is human.
Homeland: A small village near the sea.
Preferences: Bi
Pronouns: She/her

Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):
Portrait is an edit by myself

I am aware Zuiho is the unit I always submit, but I hope her being a holy thief this time is neat. (I want her to have a different class every PME to like make sure she isn’t the same girl but instead a diferent unit with own quircks in every take.)
But if you don’t want Zuiho, I can take this concept and apply it to another unit.

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Name: Boah
Gender: Male
Replacing: Erika
Affinity: Light
Class: Bishop

Boon: WPN Ranks
Bane: N/A

Personal Skill: Old Soldier

Level: 1
HP: 22 (10%)
STR: 3 (4%)
MAG: 4 (12%)
SKL: 7 (14%)
SPD: 11 (16%)
LCK: 4 (14%)
DEF: 5 (6%)
RES: 5 (13%)
WPN Ranks: B-Rank in all Magic, C-Rank Staves

CON: 0 Points
MOV: 0 Points

Description: A court bishop who fought in the War of Shadows.
Death Quote: “Nyna… it seems my life ends on foreign soil…”

Portrait (Credit to Thorn):

Palette: Green Unit (or Generic if not possible)


Likes (x2): Guiding The Youth, Supporting Nyna
Dislikes: (x2): Tyranny, Arrogance
Age: 89
Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches
Race: Human
Homeland: Archanea
Pronouns: He/Him

I wanted to mix it up a bit and make something interesting, so I figured, “why not a Lord unit who plays basically entirely a support role?”. Boah’s a personal favorite from Shadow Dragon, and a prepromote Lord with a lot of utility but middling bases and awful growths fit the bill well. (His stats/growths & inventory are the average of all five of his appearances through the series). I hope he sees use even if he’s not exactly a powerhouse!


…my. Seems to be a sure way to make everyone want to do Ephraim mode.
i’ll probably update the first post later, still sorta tossing things together and retooling some stuff.
ohright, ‘Old Soldier’ skill doesn’t actually do a thing for growths, it’s just flavour text for Nephtys to let you know! The only real effect it has is the +hit stuff!

Probably not going to do Locktouch, buuut… the thief/lockpick skill is just a natural FE8 ability that doesn’t really show so that doesn’t ‘technically’ count as an ability in this case. hehehe…


Now Ephraim Mode can be the easier route :sunglasses: /j

And yee, I chose Old Soldier for the flavor more than anything, although the +Hit effect is nice considering the support angle I was leaning towards anyways lmao

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Well, this might be a fun PME, let’s see if this is good enough. Don’t mind if I do.

Name: Lysanias
Gender: Male
Replacing: Moulder
Affinity: Light
Class: Monk

Boon: RES
Bane: DEF

Personal Skill: Divine Protection

(375% max for normal characters. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)
HP: 60
STR: 35
MAG: 50
SKL: 65
SPD: 45
LCK: 35
DEF: 15
RES: 70

(5 ‘points’ max for these two. 1 ‘point’ of CON is 5%, 1 ‘point’ of MOV is 2%, just put the points you want!)
CON: 0
MOV: 5

Description: A Lucario from an unknown land that chose the path of religion. Kind and Wise.
Death Quote: Oh Lord Arceus, be merciful to thy soldiers and warriors, who fight for a better future.

Lucario Monk
It’s a Lucario Monk this time! What do you think? Maybe I’ll make another portrait that isn’t simply using the same Lucario portrait but edited, but other than that this is good enough.

Palette: Uhh I dunno, Artur’s maybe? He even has the same clothes.

Goddess Icon


Likes (x2): Preaching, praying for a peaceful future
Dislikes: (x2): Fundamentalists and Ministers that abuse of the church’s power
Age: 30
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Race: Lucario
Race Description: Obvious for anyone, but he’s just a Lucario from the Pokemon series, nothing else other than actually having clothes.
Homeland: Unknown
Pronouns: He/Him

Pretty much another OC of mine do not steal lololol, he’s basically here for an easy cameo as the character of a romhack I plan to make later.


I thought lock touch was the natural rouge ability?


Two skills with icons here-- a personal and a class skill. and that class skill always just being Slayer here.
The FE8 ‘Pick’ skill was… removed? from the skill system in favour of Locktouch, which has an icon, so by the rules of only two ‘visible’ skills, can’t really use that. The normal thief skill is part of the non-visible skills in the base FE8 that are just in the character/class things and aren’t attached to the class slot of Rogue…

I have no idea if what I’m saying even makes any sense. oops. Sorry, I’m too much of a scatterbrain and explaining is not something I am very competent in.


Could the Myrrh be a Manakete w Slayer? And maybe have the class name be renamed? Like Dragon Saint or Divine Dragon (since in lore they’re basically god dragons)


@VelvetKitsune Is stuff like “Sword Saint” Allowed? It’s doesn’t have light magic, but it should have slayer.


I get what you mean. Dang. I just hope that this won’t result in the non flyer path being underpowered. (But I guess depending on how the roster will go having anima might be more rare than usual. I suppose we can still add silencer as that is an FE8 skill, right?)