Skipping the World map in FE 8 with FEbuilderGBA

How can I completely skip the overworld scenes for all chapters? If I try to use the “without world map” thing at the end of chapter 2 chapter 3 won’t load I’ll just get a black screen. And when I try to delete the world map events it gets me stuck in an infinite loop of either dialogue or going back to the prologue PLEASE HELP!

Q:When trying to move a chapter, it freezes.
A:Please use the “Eliminate the constraint of freezing unless it enters from the world map” patch.解説/FEBuilderGBA#ad4771da

Unnoticature,The translation data for the name of the patch had been changed.
Please use “Skip World Map Fix” patch.

Hey, I’ve tried downloading this patch to skip the world map, but it seems that Chapter 2 doesn’t want to load; the game plays the Node Event for Chapter 2, but loads the prologue map. Even the save file after finishing Chapter 1 says ‘Prologue’. I have tried programming so that it skips the world map and goes to Chapter 2 in the World Map Choice Event, but that only gets it to load the Chapter 1 map.

Is there any way to fix this? Please help!

Please send report7z.