Skip 'Got an Item' Message for ROM Hack

I am trying to gift items to several different characters in the ROM hack that I am working on, and I was wondering if there was a method of doing so without displaying all the item get messages.

Displaying 15+ “Got a blah blah item” in a row is a bit obnoxious.

One option is to write it into their inventory directly with custom ASM, but there’s probably a simpler solution.

Thanks for your input. I was hoping to go with a simpler solution here as I am not acquainted with custom ASM creation yet. I could not find any logic for disable message display either.

I assume ASM involves updating specific hex values in the FE ROM with new values - representing the added items - but I am not sure how that is done in FE Builder.

I created a patch to solve this problem.

EVENTSCRIPT:1.en=400DXXYY{$L1:SilentGiveItem.dmp}	[XX:UNIT:Unit][YY:ITEM:Item]Silent give to Item on the Unit	{ITEM}
EVENTSCRIPT:2.en=410D00YY{$L1:SilentGiveItem.dmp}	[YY:ITEM:Item]Silent give to Item on SVAL1's Unit(LOW)	{ITEM}
EVENTSCRIPT:3.en=4B0D00YY{$L1:SilentGiveItem.dmp}	[YY:ITEM:Item]Silent give to Item on SVALB's Unit coordinates(LOW)	{ITEM}
EVENTSCRIPT:4.en=40050B00ZZZZWWWW4B0D00YY{$L1:SilentGiveItem.dmp}	[ZZ:MAPX:X][WW:MAPY:Y]Silent give [YY:ITEM:Item] to the Unit	{ITEM}
EVENTSCRIPT:5.en=212E00002006C100410D00YY{$L1:SilentGiveItem.dmp}	Silent give [YY:ITEM:Item] to the Unit currently operated	{ITEM}
EVENTSCRIPT:6.en=420D00YY{$L1:SilentGiveItem.dmp}	[YY:ITEM:Item]Silent give item to the Supply	{ITEM}

Secretly give the specified item to the unit or Supply.
This feature does not show a hopup that says you got an item.
You can also Enemy and Supply.
If there is no space for a player unit’s item, it will be sent to Supply automatically.
If Supply is also full, the directive will be ignored.
Therefore, be careful when using it with important items.


what happens if the specified unit is dead

Thank you so much!! I just tested this out, and it works great without any issues.

I am not certain what would happen if you give an item to a dead unit. In my situation, I created a branch to check whether a character existed/died before giving a new group of items.

If the unit does not exist, the instruction is ignored.
It does not freeze like vanilla orders.
In the case of PlayerUnit, data remains even if the unit dies.
So he gets the item.
If his item slot is not empty, it should be sent to the convoy.
If there is a problem with this behavior, add a conditional branch in advance.