Skill system problem

I been having a problem where all the enemy units get the same skill. Example: the druid, which has “shade” is on the bottom of the list and gives EVERY enemy “shade.” I have no idea why this is happening. It’s only on one chapter, all the prior ones I’ve made didn’t have this problem. I’ve tried separating the skills, but that does nothing. I’m very confused, so I thought I’d ask. Sorry if this is the wrong way to do this, I’m new.

Do all the enemies who have shade have the same character ID?

Units will share personal skills if they have the same character ID.
(This also applies to the learned skills of units who use character IDs lesser than 0x46)


To add to Contro’s comment, if a unit ID is assigned a skill all units with that ID will have the skill.

For example, if you add the skill to one of the generic unit IDs like 8C and set all enemy soldier units on the map to ID 8C, all will have this skill regardless of what class you assign them in the unit placer.

This is also true for every class since you can assign skills per class. If you give Druids the Shade skill, all units with that class will have the skill. If you only want certain units like your player units or bosses to have the skill you should assign the skill to the character ID itself.


Indeed. But, it is not a personal skill, I do not have any skill set for their unit number. It is assigned to their class. I used the same unit number, I’m guessing that is what you mean, before in a prior chap, and didn’t have this issue. And they all are not the same class, they are many.

In that case, I suggest posting a report7z so someone can take a look.

You’ll get faster help if you post the report in the discord linked in this guide, as you probably don’t have the permissions to post files or links yet.