Simple question

Ok now I know it’s so out of the blue but, how do ya’ll how do you paste pictures and Gifs in FEU ;-; It’s my first time here and I badly want to post my works so ya’ll can see it too :sob:

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Hi Plant_Academy!

It’s quite simple. Press this upload button:

This allows you to upload images and other files to a thread on FEUniverse. It may also help to screw around with some of the other icons.

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Thanks XPGamesNL ^o^

ok so I tried it but it says that “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

You can’t embed images until your account is a week old or a moderator gives you permission.

Flagging this post to request permission.

ohhh ok I get it thanks

In general, I’ve been under the policy that I’ll manually increase the trust level of a user if they contact us themselves, but not by proxy.

@Vesly, I know you’re trying to be helpful, but we do have these limits on for a reason.

@CT075 I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something tells me this user would like to have image permissions.

It’s fine to have your policy, but afaik there’s nothing telling the user that they must request permission or how to actually do that. As they are clearly not a spam bot and it’s quite apparent that they would genuinely appreciate being given image permissions, I used the forum tool you keep encouraging users to use to bring something to the attention of staff. Do you really need them to say the words “may I please have image permissions?” to you directly?

I get where you’re coming from, but it’s not like I’m going around flagging every introduction thread made by users with accounts < 1 week old. In an ideal world I, too, would prefer new users to flag the post themselves to ask you, but I don’t expect new users to know to do that. As far as I’m concerned, asking how and commenting that they can’t has very little difference to asking if they may.

It’s like this teacher -
Student: “Can I go to the washroom?”
Teacher: “I don’t know, can you?” long pause “I think you mean ‘may I go to the washroom’.”


You can also just say “all right, will do in the future”; this is a non issue.

On that topic, is it stated somewhere that you have to have a day old account with at least one post before you can upload images? If so, I missed it.

If so, same and this is that post in that case.
since i had to search the forum for “why does it say i cant embed images”

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As an anti-spam measure, FEU uses a trust level system. This means that new users are restricted from certain actions until you’ve participated a certain amount. Most importantly, these restrictions include posting images and certain types of links. So long as you’re participating normally, you’ll reach trust level 2 after 24 hours. If you’re an existing member and you see a new member struggling, please direct them to these rules!

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I made my own post about it, but I’ve had an issue posting links and images as well.
I have the basic badge which is what I assumed to be trust level 2 since I got it pretty quick and it says I can post images and links but no such luck.

Wonder if anyone else is having this issue as well?


right after this post I got the trust level 2 member badge.
the basic badge should probably be changed so that it doesn’t say you can post links and images since you can’t until the member badge

It could be confusing to others as it was for me since the rules state level 2 allows you to post media and your initial trust level could be seen as trust level 1 and basic as trust level 2 based on the badge description.
Really more of a minor thing since the badges do explicitly say level 1 and level 2 in the first sentence, but still could cause dummies like me confusion.

basic badge mentions images and links:

member badge doesn’t mention them so can be assumed you’d already have them before this badge:

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