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I finally delved into the world of C, and it made this so much easier to make. Thank you Vesly and Dragz for helping me out there.

In 3H, AS (Attack Speed) is calculated by subtracting your speed by the weight of the weapon, buffered by 1 point for every 5 points of strength a unit has.

Formula In Question

Speed-((WeaponWeight-(Str/5))Can’t be lower than 0)

This wouldn’t work very well for GBAFE, so I decided to make some tweaks to it. I made sure that I added the strength part to the constitution.

Now the formula looks like this.

Speed-((WeaponWeight-(Constitution+(Str/4))Can’t be lower than 0)

To show how this changes things, I’ll show this example.
Assuming the vanilla formula for AS, base!Eirika gets weighed down by 5 from a Steel Sword. It gets to the point that she can no longer double this 1AS fighter.

When applying the 3H inspired version of the AS formula, the very same Eirika has another point of AS to work with, thanks to her 4 base strength. Now she can double the same fighter with the same weapon!

For those that are keen on wording, you would be correct in assuming that I did make a more “faithful” version of the 3H AS formula, which will be included in the Harth. Here’s the Harth, and this post will be added to the OP.


Hello, I’m trying to use this and can’t understand how to use it with FEBuilder. May I have to use the option “install with EA” but which file should I use? And how can I call this with the command “Call ASM”?


The video is inaccessible

You should be able to install it with “Install with EA” and follow the setup outlined in the image to make the event work.

I tried on my own but didn’t work, I tried BindingBladeCheckModded.txt and EventFile.txt, and with both files, I got an error.

With BindingBladeCheckModded.txt was:

1 errors encountered:
File BindingBladeCheckModded.txt, Line 3, Column 14: Didn't reach end, currently at Comma(,)

No data written to output.

And EventFile.txt

1 errors encountered:
File EventFile.txt, Line 2, Column 5: Didn't reach end, currently at IntegerLiteral($0xFREESPACE)

No data written to output.

I think i know what the problem is. I forgot to define the freespace was in the event file. I used 0xBA3F60. Just put the address of the freespace you want to you in the event file, and it should work.


Ewan as an adult
Ewan (Adult)
When looking through the repo, I noticed that Ewan didn’t have a version of him as an adult, so I threw something together with Saleh and Beta!Forde’s mugs. Also while I’m a bit late on April fools, I’m posting this the week of, so here’s a rickroll for you to click on.


part of me was expecting a different Rick Astley song rather than The Classic but you got me with that one

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