Show off your assorted Fire Emblem swag

Pictured above: the entirety of my remaining Fire Emblem “collection.” No, Awakening doesn’t count and thus is not pictured.

hmm ive got a copy of both games, fire emblem 11 and a hard copy of fe8 ohandfe13 and considering the games that were released in america of the series having two actual copies of there games is pretty good really.

I have physical FE7, FE9,10,11. I have digital FE8(ambassador program) and FE13. :3.

… also, my sister has a Japanese FE9 and 10. But y’know, she’s like, a huge fan of Japanese FE games.

Because I’m a bit of an ass…

Every North American released FE in physical form. ;D
Also, yes, I do have a crappy phone camera. And lame lighting.

First 15 seconds: “I’m not jelly.”
After that: “Okay, I’m actually pretty jelly.”

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I have a physical copy of FE3, FE4, FE6, FE7, FE8, PoR, RD, Shadow Dragon, New Mystery, and Awakening.

…Wow I never realized how many FE games I actually own lol

Though, 3, 4,6 and PoR don’t have boxes.

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Then they don’t count >:(

i have the same except I burned my copy of FE11 :U

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Good man.

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And here I thought I was kind of special.
Blown right out of the water…

I actually just remembered have a copy of FE1 in the mail, I found it on some japanese site for like $8 including shipping, and was like “why not” at that price.


I kick it old school.

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