Should I privatize my Youtube Fire Emblem music playlist?

Hello everyone
In case you didn’t know, there is a certain playlist on Youtube called “Best music from across the Fire Emblem series”, which was put together by yours truly.

I was wondering, should I make the playlist private, or do you guys figure it’s safe to keep it public?
I’m asking this because I found out recently that the FE 3, 6, 7 and 11 music videos I had included there had been rendered invisible, and it’s been quite bothersome to find other videos to place back in their stead.

Now, since the copyright attacks against music videos from games published by Nintendo have been pretty harsh as of late (anyone remember SupraDarky or Brawlbrstmx3 (verry sorry if I mispelled that)?), I wouldn’t want to be the indirect cause of potential copyright claims to be made more easily against these videos by finding them through my playlist. Already I notice that I can’t find any FE3 music videos except for the arranged version.

What do you think?

Don’t. Nintendo literally does not look at small playlists like yours to find music. There is 0% having a playlist will lead to them getting deleted compared to a universe where your playlist did not exist. So yes Do not in any circumstance private the playlist.


Just checked, you seem to have only one subscriber on your channel so it’s safe to say that no company will discover any videos through your playlist


I see. That’s good.
Thank you both for letting me know, then👍🏻