Short axe oddity

So I was trying to add a mid level hand axe and everything was working fine.
Until I went into melee range with the general while I was testing it. Then this happened.

So I was wondering if anyone had any idea what is going on. I’m using the huge custom animation module and I have checked the hand axe animation works just fine and so far with everything else.

well the hand axe animations are different from regular animations, meaning you have to set the hand axe animation specifically for every hand axe. so make sure you already did that(kind of looks like it, but I can’t really be certain because what even is that)

maybe posting what your mod looks like would help/giving us all the info that went into this

well I wasn’t sure if it was the weapon slot so I tried out a different axe set up like the hand axe and same result.

as for the setup it should by all intentions work.

So ya got me. And to again clarify. its only at melee range this happens, ranged works fine.

hmm… have you messed with the general hand axe animation in any way and does it do this for the normal hand axe/tomahawk?

Nope and nope

Have you tried going into spell animation editor and making sure your short axe has the same animation as the hand axe/tomahawk?

I set it to 0x01 throwing axe, just like the tomahawk and Hand axe.