Shining Force Ressurection of the Dark Dragon Nightmare Modules

In my grand tradition of making Nightmare Modules for games no one plays anymore, following my Knight of Lodis and Onimusha Tactics modules, here’s one for Shining Force Ressurection of the Dark Dragon for GBA.

Download Here

A few notes:
The first byte in character data is character growths, which also effect the slight difference in stats at level one.

Changing a characters class changes what items they can equip and their movement type. Changing a character to a promoted class does not change their sprite, stats, or magic, but does removed the level 20 cap, and will keep them from promoting at churches.

Stats displayed are the characters base stats, at level one. Character’s auto level to the level set in the data.

The 8th byte, between movement and magic resistance, is…something. 0x01 for Jogurt, 0x03 for most characters, 0x04 for Domingo, and 0x07 for Musashi and Zuika, but changing it doesn’t seem to do anything, so it has been left out.

Magic lists are technically a combination of three bytes, 14, 16, and 17. Byte 15 is always zero. While you can technically create custom magic lists by editing these three bytes separately, the results are unpredictable at best, so I just put all four bytes together to select a characters entire magic list all at once. I’m going to continue playing with this to see what results I can get, and I might update this part later.

Each characters data is capped off with 0x1E 0x08, but as this is universal for each character I don’t think it’s important, and left it out.

Anyway, enjoy this module for yet another game that has almost literally no hacking community.


I… was literally just playing shining force. What the hell.


Holy immediate update Batman the first byte is character stat growths. Don’t know how I missed that. Module updated.

No one ever talks about this version of the game. Shame too, I think it’s a straight upgrade over the Genesis version in several areas. Good to see it at least getting some love.