Shilling my YT Channel + my new Twitch channel as well

Alright so I’m not going to make a big deal out of this since this is like my, 3rd try or whatever. Yes I’m coming back. After taking some advice I’ve decided to diversify my content (no longer just Fire Emblem and videos). I’ll be doing other games as well as streaming too!

I will be running 2 Fire Emblem series. 1 YT series (Legends of Avenir w/ commentary) and 1 Stream series (Path of Radiance Semi-Blind). Here are the links to my channels:

h ttps://
Edit: Found a workaround so it would show the link.

Also I have a twitter, so tweet tweet motha- (used for content-related updates only)

If you’d like to see what my other series are, check out the channels for more info!

Carry on.