Sheet Music Analyses

I’m a big music theory nerd and I thought a couple people may find this absurd hobby of mine as potentially useful.

To do any sort of analysis, I need a recording and a score, or a midi. (I can have Sibelius or MuseScore generate a score based on the midi, but it is ugly to look at this way.) Note that my training is for classical music and may not always be the best way to analyze your composition - I still have much to learn about videogame bgm. Also note that I am not really writing feedback on the work. Just noting down some things I notice from a cursory examining.

To get started I grabbed @Sme 's “Something Custom Battle” chosen randomly from the repo. Enjoy. I wrote in green and highlighted the main motif in red. Omitted percussion which was a 1 measure “fate motif” loop.

Please ask me if you want something analyzed. I figure there may be a few people interested. If you are looking for support & feedback instead of analysis, please use #music on discord or post elsewhere, thanks!