Sharing Gifs?

yep I wanted to ask how to share gifs and can you do it on android?

@dancer_A wait why did you change this to community

@Kelik yes you can share gifs.

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Because it’s not a hacking/mod related question :?

huh, i always thought community included discussion questions, but “help me” questions belonged in #questions (or #requests)

I guess it doesn’t really matter :sweat_smile:

I mean like animation gifs like in the animation respiratory

It’s literally the same answer; they’re both gifs.

oh sorry I didn’t get I’m dumb

If you are asking how people make gifs of animations, when you ‘export’ animations from FEBuilder, you can change the dropdown to show gifs.

Bottom right of the animation editor…

Export button, click it…

When it asks you where to save, click the dropdown at the bottom and change the filetype to .gif, then save it. Done.

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ohhhhhhhhh so that’s how it’s done thankyou klok

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