Setting the "last item droppable" flag on command

I just saw @Venno made a hack to allow for the drop last item flag to be set based on AI rather than character ability
This confused me because you can easily set it with events without wonky AI modifications. I thought it was common knowledge, but I guess not so I’ll share this tibdit with you all;
there’s a bit for it in the turn status bitmap meaning it’s a turn status sooo not only do you not have to use a seperate AI, you could turn it on and off at will by using the UNCR and UNCM commands in your event file (which for those who don’t know, remove and set turn statuses respectively) For this you’d want to use 0x1000. So if I want to make Raven drop his last item I’d put, “UNCM 0x4 0x1000” in my txt file. Again, you can also remove it say if you want the last item to be droppable only for a certain number of turns or after an event ID is triggered or whatever
Kinda of off-topic aside, there’s also a weird status that loads the next mug index by the default when set ex: Lyn’s default mug index is 0x16 so setting that bit will make the game load the mug indexed at 0x17. Note that it only loads the next one when hovering over the unit(mini mug) and in the stat screen but not level up screen or when going through items so it works best for non playable characters. For that, you’d use 0x800000. Same rules and instructions from above apply

Get creative (:


If we could apply UNCM/UNCR to units based on coordinates, this would work perfectly. Unfortunately, it requires a set aside unit slot for item drops still, and the point of Venno’s hack was to remove that burden. If you just apply the code to a generic slot, it’ll target the first one in memory only.

Oh right, generics. Too bad you can’t set flags like with FE8 units