Ser's Bag of Random Stuff

Hello FEuniverse! I’ve been messing around with FeBuilder/LTmaker for some time and like to make a few ports/assets once in awhile. I most likely won’t even use most of the stuff I’ve made in my own hack/fangame since it really is just all a learning experience for me right now. Most assets were ripped from the games themselves or found publicly available on spriters resource. So with that out the way as long as credit is given then it is all F2U and F2E.

Battle Animations:
The default colors for Spear Guard and the Dragon look pretty ugly on GBA, fair warning. Feel free to touch em up though! These are my first battle animations, I tested them quite a bit but if you find anything wrong with them let me know and I’ll be sure to update them.

Simon Belmont (NES)
Simon Melee

Spear Guard (DoS/PoR version)
Spear Guard

Fire Dragon (FE1 NES)
NES Fire Dragon

These are pretty basic and should be very easy to recolor as you please.

Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls style Status Menu
FF Style Status Background {Serbagz}

Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls style Battle UI
Dawn of Souls style Battle Screen
Only When Single

Archanea World Map:
Dark, Event, and Mini maps included in the folder.
1. World Map

My only mug so far (That I like) a Gerrik x Joshua splice, with blink and talk frames done. I like to call him Jin. (Ty Maximus03 on disc for help touching up his palette)
Gerrik x Joshua Splice {Serbagz}

No Cape Ephraim Map Sprites.
Ephraim No Cape Stand
Ephraim No Cape Walkv2

Ill drop in and add stuff once in awhile. Will clean up the thread some more once it becomes more populated.
Folder Link:


This asshole that cannot jump for shit. Stuck on block 4.

Lol all my homies hate block 4.

Just… The God damn birds. Also the creature is killing me every single time. Any good tips for this asshole?

Use holy water or cross, also time the whip on fleamen for as soon as they are about to drop from the birds, dont try to jump and whip them, wait til they are falling. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Eh, I can pass the birds, they aren’t too hard. The boss is really what wrecks me.