Seperate Faction Palettes?

Hey guys, im new to FEBuilder and am having fun messing around with it.

However I cant find any option to change enemy battle animation palettes based on their faction (i.e. Laus, Bern, Black Fang…)
I couldnt find any discussion on this subject either, so is it possible? And if so how? :slight_smile:

What I used to do was assign palette IDs to the generic IDs, something like this would work, albeit a bit archaic and unrefined

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There’s the battle palette rework, but you have to assign a different palette per class because most animation palettes don’t share the same palette order.

EDIT: Nevermind, this isn’t implemented into FEBuilder yet.

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Thanks for the help! Could I use battle palette rework separately from FEBuilder or would that screw up my ROM? Otherwise I’ll try out Serif’s suggestion.

You can safely use palette rework outside of FEbuilderGBA, you just have to use SkillSystem Custom Build (I don’t remember the exact name by not using FEbuilder anymore) the problem that every time you edit the classes you will have to re-run a custom build to associate the new ones palette, it’s not difficult, but it requires a lot of patience and you need to have a minimum of knowledge on how to use a Buildfile.

personally if you want to continue using FEbuilder, I advise you not to use this method which in the long run becomes a considerable effort, and at this point it is worthwhile to switch to the buidfile