Sea Lion's Sprites

Heyo, so I figured I’d make a lil topic to dump whatever I’m working on into. This is just some random things from the past few weeks. Unless otherwise stated everything is a wip and is NOT free to use.

Tenebria Color
Tenebria from Epic Seven, simplified cause like hell I’m gonna try and make those braids and I couldn’t get the ribbons looking right. A bit sloppy in places and I’ll prolly clean her up more later.

Random OC, jacket didn’t come out quite how I’d hoped but like, it’s fine.

Stand color
These are going to be the promoted classes for the hack that I’m “working” on. With axe boy, I can’t decide how beefy I want him/which way he looks best. Axe head is also a bit sloppy at the moment.
The girl is a spy-master type deal, pretty much set I think, might play with hair shading and definitely will adapt color pallette.
For prepromotes I’m likely just going to use base Hector and a female thief cause making a single custom animation is enough work as it is.


Do you, by chance, do commissions?

Ooo these are pretty nice. Is the first one a custom or a splice?

Sounds like it! Some nice sprite work, Sea Lion!

Thanks! First one is nearly full custom, I cheated and spliced bit on parts of the hair and eyes.


New WIP: trying some new stuff, like having a proper wip rather than just kinda going to it piece by piece. Not excited by the thought of doing so much fur, but like gonna roll with it.



Whoa blast from the past!