Scripted fights that just play map animations?

i need to have scripted fights that just are map animations.

Is there a code or something that makes it just map based?

From Unit Helpers.txt in the EA Standard library:

//Scripted battle helpers
#ifdef _FE7_
#define ScriptedBattle 0
#define MapBattle 0x100
#define AttackerStatsZero 0x10000 
#define Uncontrolled 0x1000000

The code:

FIGH Attacker Defender BattlePointer ScriptedHelper

Try that.

FIGH 0x6A 0xEC KillVIcks 0x100

I tried that, but it didn’t work :\

The try putting the Scripted Helper at the begining of the Battle pointer:


If that doens’t works, you can load other units with the same map sprites and names but without animations.

There’s a workaround to forcing map battles: force one of the characters to use a weapon they don’t have an animation for.
TRTR has some map battles at the end of 4x. Here’s how one of them looks:

/* snip */
UNCM AksumFighter 1b
FIGH SybarisArcher AksumFighter MapFight2 $0000001F
UNCR SybarisArcher 0x02
/* snip */

BYTE 0x01 0x00 0x00 0x30 // Attacker criticals for 48 dmg
BYTE 0x00 0x00 0x80 0x00 // End Fight

I’ve never tried using the macros for scripted battles so you get raw hex instead.
The magic happens here: FIGH AksumCavalier SybarisMerc MapFight1 $0000001F
Where $0000001F means it’s a controlled fight and I’m forcing the attacker to equip an iron axe.

The UNCM and UNCR are there for aesthetic purposes.