[Screenshot LP] MC fails Vestaria Saga Ironman

Okay, I’m sure plenty of people are aware of the Tearring Saga series, the Not!FE games made by Shouzou Kaga after he left IS. The first one, Tearring Saga, could best be described as a weird combination of FE2, 3, and 5, and is a personal favorite “FE” of mine, and despite Nintendo’s non consent to it’s release, it got a sequel named Berwick Saga that can be fairly accurately described as RNG and Hexagons the game. We’re not here to talk about those two tho, we’re here to play the third “game”, Vestaria Saga, the third game in the Tearring Saga series released as freeware roughly September of last year. Kaga released the game, but refused to accept any donations for it despite it being an Indie game and it’s development cycle being back when Mighty No. 9 still seemed like a good idea, and as soon as you play it, you’ll see why he refused donations from fans. This game is filled to the brim with bullshit, to the degree that I could honestly consider most Ragefest submissions more fair in terms of challenge. It’s loaded with beginners traps that make FE5 look friendly, and some parts just come accross as plain fucking mean. To give credit where credit is due in this preface, I still consider Vestaria Saga a better game than Berwick Saga, but that’s because it isn’t as RNG heavy. Regardless, let’s do this, and please say a prayer for my sanity.

If you feel the need to play this yourself, I’ll leave a link to the official website here.

First screen after selecting new game is a difficulty select. Because I am Scrub, I’m picking what I think is the easier option highlighted here

Okay, because I can’t Japanese, I’m just going to skip the cutscenes if that’s okay with everyone. In any case, out first chapter is an escape map, and honestly, I love this map. It’s simple as hell and very spacious for a first map, but quite possibly the most enjoyable map in the game.

The Lord of this game, according to SF, his name is Zeid, but for the sake of comedy, he’s officially renamed Kelik. As he unit, he’s amazing, and by that I mean, his prf is amzing

Look at this, 7 might, rapier effectiveness, grants miracle, and has a brave effect. It’s only weakness is that it only has 30 uses, which spoiler warning, this will quickly become a non issue, but more on that later

The Female Lord of this game, SF translates her name as Atol, but as far as this run is concerned, she’s horseless Nanna. She’s okay, nothing spectacular as a unit, but she is forced on a lot of maps, so I’m training her.

This is the starting cav of the game, and he’s fucking ridiculous. Couldn’t be bothered to learn anyone besides the Lord’s actual names, sorry. He has Adept and Canto, and never really falls off. Bench him at your peril.

This is Discount Doga, and he sucks, moving on

This is blond Doga, or as I will call him for here on out this run, Agod. He’s awesome, with a prf that boosts his already high defense even higher, very few early game enemies can even hurt him.

Be sure to visit every house you can here, each one barring one nets you 100 Dena, this game’s gold, and money is VERY important in this game, and the one house that doesn’t net you gold nets you a brave sword, and trust me, you NEED every resource you can get.

Skill and HP, I think

Sub boss dropped this weapon, believe it or not this game’s biggest strength AND biggest problem is first hinted at with this weapon, tho more on that when we get to those chapters.

Something this game and Berwick Saga do that’s kinda neat, you’re given a battle save every 5 turns that you can load at your leisure. While this run will be an ironman because I hate myself, this will come in handy as some of these chapters are LONG. Like really fucking long.

Brave Sword get

First map done, let’s see how long it takes me to go insane


I’m more looking forwards to this than you can imagine.

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Part 2: Signs of trouble

Because Plot, I think, Horseless Nanna isn’t fielded this map, beyond that, our starting units are the same


Totes not viable solely because of his prf

Three new plebs join the fray, just visit the village they are defending to recruit them

None of these three are spectacular units, but gonna recruit them anyway, because that village they’re defending getting destroyed = game over. Something peculiar about all three of these guys tho lies in Tearring Saga’s PSX game code

Recognize these three? Yeah, they are the exact same portraits as these in Vestaria, they’re just actually used in Vestaria while they rot away unused in TRS.


Doga here aims to prove my earlier claim about him wrong

Damnit Kelik

Visiting the village grants me those 3 TRS rejects and Lena here. Protip, DON’T train her, you get her for a grand total of two maps, then she gets kidnapped by some purple haired Arvis wannabe. The staff she comes with is absolutely amazing tho. I’ll explain it when I get to abusing it with the healer I actually want to train, but for now let’s just cal 15 future level ups

This bow is truly something special, it exists only to nuke the midboss of this chapter. Serves no other purpose as it’s too broken to be used afterward. This is a running theme in Vestaria, weapons are broken af, but so many have so few uses, they can’t be properly utilized.




I get it, you’re good this run

Remember how I mentioned that bow only having one use, here it is. Killing this midboss with ANYTHING else is either tedious af, or REALLY dangerous

And so it begins…


Aren’t bosses supposed to be difficult?


Buyable non prf Rapiers fun

Map is win, now the bullshit truly begin