Scary FE and FE Romhack Screenshots

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So what is it?
Post your scariest (and/or funniest) FE romhack screenshots (as in the “it was in this moment he knew. He fucked up” kind of scary) here for all to see.

Feel free to include context. Or don’t- if it’s funnier that way.

Example Image


From the Thracia 776 Romhack by Blademaster (this was/is an older patch).

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chapter 6!




Does no one post anything? How come?

So here’s a tribute to Hector. After all, his axe is nothing but a useless hindrance. :wink:

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In my country we say “non c’è 2 senza 3”(there is no two without three), which is equivalent to your “3rd time is the charm.” So here’s another one.


my gameplay in fe6 chapter 11a, every mistakes, and something i just forgot a moment ago

Well, I take advantage of this thread bump to post another oddity. A “kamehameha” where you would least expect it.


I’ve seen this battle animation on a video website, and it’s really cool. I wanted to ask if you know the name of this game and where I can find it. Thank you.

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Hello. Unfortunately, I can’t help you. I found that GIF file a while ago wandering around here and there online, but I honestly can’t remember where. On closer inspection, I don’t even know if it is a simple proof of concept or a full game. I would be interested in this hack too, assuming it exists. :thinking:

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I saw the video on Bilibili, a platform in China. In the video, the player was controlling the character Big Daddy to defeat the Dragon. Unfortunately, this video is from 2019, and the last update from the video creator was in 2020. It’s been three years since they posted any new content.

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Drums Of War_1698873302717

This was a near-miss death.

Drums Of War_1698822883710

Believe it or not, this is at the end of combat.

The enemy missed.

(He also proceeded to dodge another hit and then died to a mage).

This is the source video.

Pretty sure it was just made for the purposes of a gag.

I see, thank you for your answer.