SamirPlayz's Livestreams and Let's Plays!

On Saturday next week. Look at this picture. The hint I can give you is that it is a challenge that I’m doing.


Wait till Saturday.


Hello there guys! Hence the title name, I will be making videos and livestreams on my Youtube channel and Twich. My first livestream will be on an Ironman challenge on Hard mode in Sacred Stones. I will update this post and put the links to the streams. and new videos. One condition. ONLY Fire Emblem related content can be on this topic. If you guys want to see videos outside of Fire Emblem content. Then, subscribe, or look me up on Youtube.

Channel Link: (Trailer:

The livestream will occur from Saturday at 9am, all the way to the end of the challenge.
Wish me luck!

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones: Hard Mode - Iron Man Livestream: