SALVAGED Paladin (Finally) Released!

On behalf of Team SALVAGED, I’d like to apologise for the delays of the Paladin. We’ve been both very disorganised and very busy with our lives. But, to make up for lost time we’ve got some good news and then we’ve got some better news!

The good news is, the long awaited SALVAGED Paladin is finally ready to be released, (generic alignment palettes included) with the package itself containing Sword, Lance, Axe, and Handaxe animations. Though it may look like a reskin on the surface, @blaze has worked very hard to greatly enhance the regular attack animations and made Critical animations and all of the Handaxe animations for scratch, and @2WB has risked their sanity making very essential fixes.

This is completely open source, like the SalvCav before it. We encourage you to go nuts. We’re also looking forward to feedback and fixes, so feel free to tell us. A huuuge thanks also goes to @Nuramon for really helping us patch thing up and finishing the project.

Now on the the better news! Team SALVAGED has recently become an advocate of the recent widespread #dontdroptheflop movement, which aims to raise awareness of floppy disks by using them and boycott cloud storage sites such as DropBox and Google Drive. As such, we will be distributing the SALVAGED Paladin exclusively through Floppy Disks! And here’s proof:

All you need to do is throw you address our way and we’ll ship you a copy in 5-6 business weeks completely free of charge! You are however, expected to pay shipping. Now I know what most of you thinking right now. “What if I you run out of stock before I can get one?”. And to address this concern: Are you f@#$*&% kidding me? I’ve got loads of these bad boys!

More details about how to get the package below:

How to get the package APRIL F-What's that? April Fools was literally a month ago? Uhh... Whoops...

Paladin 30/4/19 w/ palettes

the actual better news is that we’ve got another animation coming


Great news, floppydisk/10; he looks a lot sturdier than vanilla; any plans for giving him staves if I may ask?


Not floppydisk/floppydisk? You wound me, sir.
Not really, no. We don’t have any plans for any further weapons in general.

the proyect have Gif?


_Ani_Axe _Ani_Handaxe

_Ani_Lance _Ani_Sword


Ye, proyect, have very gif. I yust forgot to post
is also include in package

Thx Wan

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Original Post updated to include the generic palettes included, along with GIFs of the Blue Default Palette in action.

@BlueDruid what is the next proyect of the salvaged team? Pd: awesome animation


jesus christ this is like the coolest looking paladin animation known to mankind

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This is a very happy day. I rate this pendrive out of floppy disk.

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Nice animation. It’s about time we got a better paladin. You guys mind if I make a female version like I did with the cavalier?


Yeah, go ahead! I’m not sure at what point we’ll make a female paladin, if at all. Blaze might give me the evil eye, but go ahead

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tbf male paladin is sorta unisexual looking

I’ll probably get my helmetless one out there at some point, as well as a female counterpart.


Y’all want .bin files including the palettes ready to use with FEBuilder?


Here we go again… Apparently I’ve accidentally uploaded an older version without palettes. The Package with the actual palettes is here, and the Original post is updated.


What a glorious day!


See this is what happens when you use old tech, Bluid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job to the team for getting this out. Hope it will be useful for people!

eh the old one had a bit more impact to it which i kinda like. this is a very smooth animation though good job.

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Don’t get salty just because your PC can’t read floppy disks. Get with the times, man.

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