SALVAGED Knight Released!

An improvement over the Knight class closer in design to FE15 Knight as well the its promotion, the General.

The package also includes GIFs, new map sprites, class cards, and team palettes.

SALVAGED Knight 06/05/2019



Sorry about the earlier shenanigans. I accidentally uploaded before it was ready. Evidently, I panicked.

Featuring Arden from the Genealogy of the Holy War series

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Truly, this is the greatest era of FE hacking.


I can’t believe Arden said ass, I’m literally crying and shaking right now.


It truly is, and still going strong!


Promo video reminds me of the Nintendo Power VHS tapes. This is a good thing.

Congrats on the release! Looks great.

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Less than a week later… another SALVAGED animation - we are truly living in the best time-line boys!


Awesome animation again team salvaged i wait the next animations

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it’s great. Yes, the truth is that I want to see what else they are doing.

Good job on this very lovely animation. I wish you all the best on any future works you complete. I’m sure the community really appreciates the efforts.

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this is a good one.

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this community really takes on the mantra of “don’t let your memes be dreams!”

  1. Man, those are sexily animated and smooth, axe especially.
  2. I always liked the visuals on TBA’s Knight animations, but I never was a fan of the timings on some of the frames in the package(s) (the bow especially, since it doesn’t feel like it has the weight, power, and deliberate force and slowness of pulling back the drawstring, especially in heavy armor), but this one is mwah.
  3. Was the Lance animation based on the one that Nuramon animated? The pop up and flex of the Javelin animation seems similar to it. (Maybe this is mentioned in the .rar? Feel like it should be listed in the topic itself if it is so that people don’t have to download something just to see any credits. Unless Nura is part of the group? Again, not something that would be common knowledge to everyone just looking at the topic and could cause questions.)
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I can’t answer your third point, but Nura IS in the group.

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Nura is in the group, yes. He joined right after we released the Paladin video for FEE3. The animations are basically an improvement of his previous ones.

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Thanks Glenn!
It’s very pleasing to see that people enjoy our content. :smile:

Yes, as my previous speakers mentioned, I am part of SALVAGED.
Also yes, these new animations are based on my older FE10-Knight’s animations.
But this time with the goal to make the design more gba-like and the transition to the general class more fitting.

I was heavily involed in this project and it’s meant to be my sort-of debut as a new member of the team. So I’m glad you like it!


glac finally becomes the class he was always destined to be

Oh damn, this is so great ; good job! :smiley: Thanks for the laugh with the video too ahaha