Sailor Moon Appreciation Thread

Sailor Moon is epic asf and lots (at least 2) people here like it. I just learned that August 6 is Sailor Moon Day, and because I can’t wait for next year, I want to ask the community now to share their favorite things about Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon fanart, or Sailor Moon f2u FE mugs so we can gauge fuel for the hype train for when @Obsidian_Daddy eventually makes Sailor Moon FE.

Have fun! :wink:


Oh hell yeah Sailor Moon mega epic
Sailor Mars definitely the best part of it for me, one of my favorite anime/manga characters in general
The Shitennou are a big part of what got me into the anime and manga, epic designs, epic personalities, and epic names
I can’t think of any characters I really dislike besides like Chibiusa and even then she’s not that bad all the time, the cast of Sailor Moon is big yes (in the anime where they get to do stuff anyway, not so much In the manga but still pretty cool)
I’d gush more about the stuff I like but typing on mobile hard and I’m too lazy to hop on my PC lol

shootouts to you for making a Sailor Moon thread in a primarily FE place


Sailor Moon is great.

Sailor Moon Crystal though…

Well, I’m sure people know my opinion on that garbage fire.

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Everyone knows everyone’s bad vibes with Crystal.

Og gang

Nothing against Sailor Moon, but this is where it was really at:


Card Captor Sakura :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2: But onto the topic of discussion, Sailor Moon is what actually got me into anime back in the day so I have to give it credit where credit is due and say it was truly a phenomenal anime for the time. Crystal is another story though…


The Shitennou are super epic yes. I named myself after Zoisite, after all.

Mars Gang is a very powerful thing tho. She’s not quite a tsundere but comes across as more charming than the typical archetype fitter.

Random facts: In the Viz dub, Zoisite is voiced by Lucien Dodge (Voice of Felix 3H), Nephrite is voiced by Liam O’Brien (Voice of Inigo Awakening), Kunzite-sama is voiced by Patrick Seitz (Voice Director and apparently Jeritza in 3H), and the cutie Jadeite is voiced by Todd Haberkorn (Voice of Male Morgan in Awakening and Heroes, as well as someone called Metodey in 3H idk who that is).

It’s easyish to make a Shitennou VA team in Heroes

  • Jadeite | Siegbert, Joshua, Morgan (Male)
  • Nephrite | Inigo (Liam didn’t return to do anyone in Heroes, sad.)
  • Zoisite | Leon, Naesala
  • Kunzite | Draug, Hector, Garon, Brady, Sirius, and Brammimond (bit of a stretch on that last one)

I thought it was really cool, tbh.


Yes, Patrick is in charge of the 3H & Heroes dubs and does Jeritza/DK and Dimitri’s Father as well.

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i wasted all my likes yesterday on underest posts i’ll get to you all later because this is so beautiful :sob:

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If anyone ever actually wants to make Sailor Emblem at some point, the sprites from Another Story on the snes are just the right size for gbafe, you just need to replace the giant heads with more fe-esque ones. L’Arachel here is an edit of Moon, obviously.

Also, here’s the transformation sequence because you gotta have one of those, right :v


Vilk hitting us with the protips


I thought about Sailor Moon emblem before, but I came to the conclusion that the series does not really fit Fire Emblem. Maybe a gameplaystyle like tales of tho. Or something without a real template.

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I watched Sailor Moon many moons ago on Toonami. Then after I really got into anime I watched the series with subs and not cut content.


Every sailor senshi is iconic and beautiful

Don’t @ me


who is the beautyfuliest

  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Chibi-Moon
  • Neptune
  • Uranus
  • Saturn
  • Pluto
  • Galaxia

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when should i close the poll? if ever?

It must remain open until Neptune wins. Only then can you close it.

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I will probably end up watching Sailor Moon after my recent Gundam flame burns out. Or maybe not, who knows, it might even be the next thing I will watch!

I like old anime stuff, the non digital animation makes it feel so comfy and heartwarming to me, in contrast to the more “”"“souless”""" animation and general japanese media has going nowdays. I remember being completely bewitched by Galaxy Express 999 (the movie) back in two years ago, even though the animation is pretty weird and some of the character designs go off model very frequently and in weird ways, but that’s part of the magic!

But since I don’t know anything about Sailor Moon, my vote goes to Usagi, even though Sailor Jupiter reminds me of Linde, and I like Linde.


She is part of the best Song in the franchise, so I would not even be mad with that result.

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