Sacred Stones

I would like to talk about the trainees in this game. Who was the most broken unit for you? Why? Who is the best of the three? Basically explain why you like a trainee more than the other two…talk about your experience with that unit, plz.

I actually like all 3 if Im being honest. However, Ross was my best of the three. Let me explain. Ross started doubling after his first lvl up, which was perfect. After arena abusing, I promoted him into a fighter and was tankier than Papa Garcia, which low hp. I was on ch13 and I promoted him into a WARRRIOR!!!..At the end of my travels he ended as lvl 20 warrior with capped strength and speed, with decent everything else plus one hp from capping. He basically soloed most of the Tower of Vanli until the 5th floor. Ill give why I like Amelia…but thats it…for me.

Given grinding, the trainee units are better than most other units, the problem is that they are effort negative: you put in more than you get. That isn’t to say that Ross isn’t better than his father or dozla, who are both fairly eh, but Ewan barely ends up better than Knoll, Lute, or even Saleh. Amelia is in a similar situation

Yeah, Ross’s availability helps him a lot compared to the other two. Given grinding, though, see above.

Exactly. Given Grinding, Atlas can be better than Alm or Celica… that doesn’t mean he’s a better unit.

Hrm… My most broken? All of them…

I’ve got no picture of my General Amelia but she’s pretty op, not as op as the Amelia from my other PT