Rumours about Tellius remakes

So it seems that my favorite setting faces the possibility of being the next to have a remake, and I gotta say, I’m a little bit afraid. Let me explain.

I loved Echoes: Shadows of Valentia to bits, it was a massive and needed upgrade, in my opinion.
However I don’t think that either Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn have aged all that poorly. Sure, the 3d models might not be the prettiest thing to look at, however the character portraits are some of my favorite this series has ever produced, and I really hope they don’t change them, and I don’t know how I would feel if they were to change the music too much.

Sure, maybe if they added a bit more music variety, like to the Begnion maps in PoR I don’t think I would object all that much (seriously, who thought giving the Oliver Villa map that somber music was a good idea?). Also, stats during combat for PoR is something I think we could all get behind.

Now, this opinion might not be very popular, however I’ve never been a fan of most of the returning PoR characters’ portraits in Radiant Dawn, except for maybe a few. I love the portraits for the new characters, however I always felt as though people like Ike and Titania had undergone facial surgery or something, 'cause they look way too different from their PoR counterpart for my liking.

Lastly, the only other thing I can think about is that I wouldn’t mind they did is if they were to give Part 1 of Radiant Dawn one more chapter or two, in order to allow Micaiah and her team to gain a little bit more experience, so that the power gap later on in the game would be less of a thing to worry about. Aside from more info and support conversations to give characters the development I love FE9 for, but I digress.

So, what about you, everyone? If the rumors about the Tellius remakes turned out to be true, what changes would you like the developers to make, and which changes would you dread? Let me know down below.

P.S. Edit -> Just thought of this now.
Please, for the love of all that is good, please give the player an incentive story-wise to make them enjoy the trip to the tower during Part 4 some more. I’ve always hated how I always enjoyed the rest of continental conflicts of the three parts, only for everything to slow down immensely until Part 4 Chapter 5, in which sometimes I feel as though it’s been way too long since anything actually relevant happened. And I find it to be a damn shame, too. I love the build-up to Yune’s release, and I actually really like the concept of her and Ashera.
By the time I get to the tower, I feel way too drained to enjoy the finale properly.


For me, the biggest advantage of a remake is the possibility IS might fix the skill system and BEXP system for both games.

FE9: Better BEXP system, worse skill system. Being unable to remove skills and turn them into skill scrolls kinda sucks ngl.

FE10: Worse BEXP system, better skill system. I hate that FE10 changed BEXP to always only give three stats. Yes, it’s useful for topping off your capped-stat units, but this system also disincentivies using it on your weakest units. Rapidly leveling them up, only to get a mere 3 points per level sucks.

If it were me, I’d do this:

Convert FE9 to FE10’s skill system. You can take skills off characters, turn those into scrolls that cost more capacity than they originally took up on the original character, then you can install them on someone else.

Change BEXP for both games. Now, when leveling up, BEXP works like a normal level up. However, a unit will always gain 3 stats at minimum. If they don’t roll enough to get three points normally, they will get a random stat increased until they’ve reached three points.

These two changes alone would add a lot to fixing the balance of both games. For FE9, the skill system change isn’t actually about balance so much as character customization and fun. It’s fun swapping skills around! Need more of it!


Interesting. I actually enjoy both FE9’s and FE10’s BEXP systems, however you make a very good point. Gaining a minimum of 3 stats per level-up seems like a great idea!

P.S. I agree with you on FE9’s skill systems wholeheartedly.

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I just don’t want Ashnard to be a borderline softlock if your Ike has the strength of a wet noodle.


I’ve never personally beaten Ashnard per se, but I get your point about Ike’s strength. I swear that in Path of Radiance with me he grows more in resistance than in strength -_-

Just clocking in to say that the rumours were debunked. According to Nintendo Enthuasiast, who initally reported on the rumour;

(Thanibomb being the original “leaker”)
Kinda anticlimactic, ain’t it? :confused:

With that being said, I just want a faster enemy phase or the option to skip it alltogether


I might actually like Tellius if it were faster.

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Oh, I see. Good to know, then. Thanks :+1:

I agree with you on the enemy phase. Not something I think about often, but I can still recall chapters like 3-12 taking me a while, where I felt that the enemy moved more than me.

Excuse you, how dare you imply that the Tellius games are slow. I disagree vehemently.

Path of Radiance in particular is among the fastest games! Not being able to see the stats during battle, especially on enemy phase, really helps accelerate the overall experience. And the fact that the no animation option is barely faster more than makes up for it.


But have you tried Map Only animations in FE10?

That’s still very slow. Mind you not as slow, but man do I prefer the other games being snappy.

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Really? I always thought map only was extremely enjoyable to watch compared to the slower and less complex ones in POR.

I guess its not necessarily a change for the tellius games but I really want better graphics than we got in 3H if we do get them.

For the actual remake part, I just want them to balance the units better, specifically non-lord laguz. Cats are painful in RD.


I wholeheartedly agree with tweaks to BEXP, Laguz, and animations. Skill swaps in PoR are a must, as well. In addition to all that, I want to see significant changes to the biorhythm system. As it stands, it’s mostly just a boring layer of randomness added on to the plentiful randomness already present. FE already has enough dynamic spice, thank you very much. Now, if biorhythm was reworked into something that’s more interactive for the player, then I’d be all for it. Imagine a system where you could see increases/decreases to a character’s biorhythm due to story events, supports, and choices on the map or in combat. It would feel like a solid representation of a character’s morale on the battlefield.


The biggest change I want is for IS to make the black knight fight more doable with Ike, maybe incentivize using myst a bit more, and give us a savepoint between the chapter and fight

this may be an unpopular opinion but I think adding a turnwheel for games not designed around the turnwheel is an amazing idea, being able to fix your mistakes without resetting for certain amount of times is a fantastic idea that unfortunately affected map design in three houses


My wish is that they make the definitive RD-script and give it to everyone. It was just stupid to change around stuff and leave out/add information depending on the playerbase.

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Here are the things I would like for a PoR remake:

  • Actually good balance of the difficulties with 3 of them. Normal to chill out, Hard as the balanced one that will be fairly challenging and Lunatic for bullshit.

  • Buffs to certain units such as Jill, Rolf, Shinon and Soren by giving them better starting stats for their proper joining chapter.

  • Speaking of buffs, how about improving Swords, Knives, Fire and Wind Magic.

  • I think that all FE games today need at least some for of checkpoint/rewind system. Be it a save spot like in the DS games OR the Turn-Wheel/Divine Pulse but with less charges. This ties to what theghoscreator said above with having a save point before the Black Knight fight.

  • Obviously quality of life improvements such as global ranges, speed and skip up animations and turn phases and most definitively better models and faster battle animations than the ones the original game had.

  • Nerf Ashnard. Make it so that anyone can harm him but Ike must deliver the killing blow.

  • BXP and Forging should both work like it did in Radiant Dawn.


I love PoR but hard agree when it comes to Ashnard. He’s like the worst final boss in the series, it’s so annoying that only a couple units can even damage him.


I’d like to see the Bands pop up as drops in a first play-through for both an fe9 and fe10 remake. And since there will be an inevitable cameo by someone else from the franchise considering the modern FE track record, anyone other then Byleth, Lyn, or the Sacred Twins would be cool with me

From a mechanic stand-point, biorythmn could use a rework. Its probably the biggest non-factor in vanilla fe9/10, and could use a rework or the axe. It would also be cool to use the “alternate clear” conditions that granted more BEXP popping up in more stages; stuff like the prison break as a stealth mission, a zero casualty assault on the desert, and speed running the slog that was the 3-parter in FE9 made for good challenges in a recent hard run

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Totally agree. Bonus experience is such a nice experience that can alter a playthrough even more than normal. It’s so nice that you can both try to get as much as possible as well as ignore it altogether, and you’ll still get quite a bit!

I also agree about the Bands. I’m currently on my first playthrough of Path of Radiance, and while planning to grow certain units for transfer bonuses it’s so annoying that I can’t have them yet XD

As for the cameos, I really hope they wouldn’t do that. If they did, it would feel to me as if the Tellius games would stop being such a special separate entity for me😅.

You know what they really could do, though? Fix Astrid’s character in Radiant Dawn, and maybe make Devdan (Danved? What in the world were they thinking?) more interesting as well.
Like seriously, I love the characters from Tellius (even the Radiant Dawn new ones that didn’t get much development), but with these two I always just couldn’t bring myself to care.
Both appear in only one base conversation per game, and their personality quirks just never vibed with me.
Also, please make Makalov learn from his mistakes (in Radiant Dawn at the very least). I could never quite stand the guy. Problem is, I don’t know if it’s worth losing the Marcia line: “I can sell him to you. Cheap!” :joy: