[RPGMaker] Lotus and Lyric (3 Chapters)

I’d like to share the game I’ve worked on this past year or so, tentatively named Lotus and Lyric. It’s made in RPGMaker and takes a lot of cues from Blazing Blade and Gaiden (not the most popular games around here, I know haha).
30 minutes long, has 3 short maps. I’m a programmer more than I am a writer or designer, so this is not a very ambicious project, more of a test drive than anything.

It’s the first strategy game i’ve made so far, and I have learned a lot from posts from here and analysis videos like nadnap and mangs, but it’s still scary yknow?
I don’t want to make it super hard, much the contrary, but having the game only played by myself is bound to have a lot of mistakes.

I’d like to hear some feedback on how to improve map design, as they still feel a bit braindead, but I don’t know what to expand on.
Outside of that, any feedback is welcome!

Download Instructions

Link: https://nate-the-bard.itch.io/lotus-and-lyric-0
Password: faiaemburem
The page is not open to public as I’m iffy on using fire emblem tiles instead of my own.

Controls Summary

Z is confirm, X is return
Shift speeds up text and opens the unit Stats window

I know games in other engines are less popular here, but as this basically started as a romhack (and i was too dumb to use FEBuilder), I’m looking for feedback from people who’ve been doing this kind of game for a while.
My next steps are probably to iterate on maps either in SRPG Studio or FEBuilder. I don’t have any passion projects per se, so they may come out in a slower pace.


Try to interact a bit with the forum, you need a higher trust level in order to add screenshots.


I’m very excited to see it and play it. I also work with RPG Maker. Which one are you using ? If it is lighter ( less than 1gb I would test it for sure.
If it is on RPG Maker and you are a programmer then you could also modify as many things as you want!! Even adding new mechanics. I hope to see it soon. Good luck with your projects!!


Thank you! I’m using MV as I know my fair share of Javascript. So far I’m hitting the 300MB bar, as music and high quality art fill most of the space.
I’m missing stuff like unit inventory but as a tradeoff there’s a lot of flexibility on what can be a mission objective, so I want to expand on that. So far, I have Route, Seize, Escape and Defend figured out.


Looks pretty neat so far, interested in seeing how this turns out :slight_smile:


Yeah screenshots FINALLY!!
The art is very interesting !!


That guy on the left is just Tobin. I like the artstyle though. Kinda storybook-esque


omg i didn’t play echoes, he looks just like tobin XD
will see if I can spice him up in my next drawing pass


The drawing-like style for the characters is very lovely ! Wish you the best for your project !


Edited the post, there should be a download link available!
I’ll leave it up for a month or so.

yoooo i’ll have to check this out later. it’s cool to see FE-style games made with other engines especially RPG Maker, i don’t think I’ve ever seen that before

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Hey, there doesn’t seem to be anything to download on the game page

I am so sorry about that; had to fix a text bug, it should be up now!

@PKLucky Symphony of War is made in RPGMaker as well, and it has some pretty unique ideas, like units being composed of a leader and multiple soldiers (it’s Batallions on steroids). I can only aspire to get onto that level…
I’m looking into RM and SRPG Studio to make my games as I can do javascript better than I can do ASMs on roms.

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I really like the art style. It’s kind of charming in a way.

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