Roy's animation (with Durandal)

Since i’m too late for the FEE3, (unless someone wants to add me in) here’s the animation i made for Roy. He uses the beta Durandal because the normal one would simply be too big for an infantry unit to animate. Please, before criticising take in mind that this is the first time i’ve ever made a custom animation, but i’ll accept constructive critiques. Before using it credit me.

(The frames where the sword glows red are supposed to have the binding blade flames effect in it)

Here is the download:


Uh, maybe you should upload a folder with all the components of the animation to Dropbox and link that?

the computer i’m using doesn’t load dropbox, for some reason.
It loads the page but it’s always blank

Odd… Maybe try uploading it to Google Drive?

Okay, does this work?

Yeah, that works!

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I think it is great, I’ll use it

I’m really glad, i hope to see it in one of your videos!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Totally :slight_smile: