ROMmaker in the making, saying hi

Hi there, my name’s Vorgus, and I love Fire Emblem.

My first Fire Emblem game was FE7 on the GBA. Fell in love with ‘anime wizard chess,’ as that how I explained it to my friends. Chess pieces on a board, except they’re stylized characters and some of them cast spells. As was the trend back then, I hated Jaigens, and I considered literally any prepromote a noob trap. I also believed arena abuse was the height of skill. I will say, arena abuse on an actual GBA with no save states is a bit of a spooky experience.

FE7 was awesome, FE8 was even better, FE9 and FE10 were amazing, and then of course I got a translation file for FE6 and I played that, too. From Awakening onward, I’m a bit less in love with some of the style and gameplay directions that Fire Emblem is going in…

… which is why it’s amazing that there’s this community of people who love and still play GBA-era Fire Emblem games!

I have notebooks from when I was fourteen of me imagining what I would do if I could create my own Fire Emblem game. A few months ago, I decided to take the plunge and learn FEBuilder to make my own. You probably saw some of my questions on the forum. I’ve learned a lot over the past three months!

I’m really excited to show everyone my ROM hack, working title ‘The Dark Amulet,’ once it’s ready. I’m incredibly happy with it so far! General idea:

  • Small cast of units (25 or so) with (hopefully) good unit feel and viability
  • Some skills from SkillSys to spice things up and add individuality, but nothing too crazy or tedious. Very few proc skills. No enemy skills. No rally skills.
  • A tight narrative that takes itself seriously. Heroes you root for. Villains you love to hate
  • It’s hard, but not frustratingly hard. Normal mode always exists if you want a more relaxed experience.
  • No Jaigens
  • Enemies are beefy and hit hard. Player phase focused in the spirit of Vision Quest.

It’s a tall order. We’ll if I can deliver. I have 18 chapters completed, with about 25 planned in total. Anyway, I’ve been lurking in a bunch of threads and I’m just really pumped to be part of this community. I’ve always quietly loved Fire Emblem but don’t have any friends who share my enjoyment in this series of games.


Nice to meet ya’ Vorgus, I wish ya’ good luck with your project, I’m kinda working in my own thing (just a rebalance of FE7 lol) hope that your dreams comes true!

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Are you on discord yet? I don’t recall seeing you

Nice to meet you and welcome

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Hi Vesly! I’m on discord and I believe I requested a role by saying ‘soldier’ in one particular channel. But I haven’t really said anything on Discord yet. Definitely did some lurking, looked at all the fun sprites on #spritans.

Thanks for the welcome! I appreciate all the work you’ve done in when it comes to the coding / eventing side of hacking, and your pokemon ROMhack looks wildly impressive :slight_smile:

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Always happy to see new blood, and a new hack is always exciting to see. I’d recommend showcasing it sooner rather than later; any changes you’ll make to early chapters will influence how later chapters play out, so getting playtesters on the current version will help make sure you don’t have to do sweeping redesigns after the hack is nominally ‘complete’. Of course, if you have private playtesters on it already, it’s a moot point, though I’m sure people would still be excited to see the progress you’ve made.

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Thanks, Parrhesia. I haven’t been involved in the FE hacking scene until this year, but reading through the years and years of creativity that has gone into Dream of Five (and I definitely want to play Drums of War when I’m done Road to Ruin) has been incredibly inspiring to me. You’re a true artist - and I know the final and complete version of Dream of Five is going to be brilliant.

I would love to get some playtesting going! I’m not an established enough member of FEUniverse to post screenshots or links yet, but would I still be able to find private playtesters on Discord?


Thanks for the high praise. Yeah, you’ll be able to post a link on the Discord, get a thread up in #playtesting. Though it shouldn’t take too much longer to post links on the forum, either; hopefully the likes and replies on this thread get you to that threshold.


Sounds like a plan. I don’t really use Discord besides sharing a voice chat with friends while playing Deep Rock Galactic. So pinning and threads are a bit new to me. I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

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Apologies for the double-post, but I was able to get it onto the Discord! Thanks for the recommendation!

I feel you about not having any friends who enjoys FE style of game.

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