ROM map, RAM map or dissaemblys

I know a lot of asm but i don’t find a ROM map ,RAM map or dissaembly of any gba fire emblem, where can i find it ?

have you considered making one for yourself

We have our best attempt at one in the Unified Dropbox. It’s still only, like 10 things, and really disorganized. A lot of the locations you’ll sadly have to find on your own, know where to search, of just know from experience.

Eh, it is yourself who should debug and discover things if you want to hack sth on asm.

is there a project for this? because in others hacking communitys there are this things. Maybe i can help with this if i have some time.

@zahlman has been talking about doing this forever, but nobody’s ever gotten around to producing a workable ROM map.