ROM hacking opinion

Is it possible to create a ROM hack at the age of 15 without any knowledge and experience about programming whatsoever :smiley: ?

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yes ⠀⠀⠀⠀


Don’t see why it wouldn’t be! Remember,

Talent is a pursued interest

And this is true regardless of age or anything like that. The ultimate deciding factor in determining “ability” at something is an earnest willingness to learn.


The most proclaimed hack, TLP was created when Blazer was just a teen. Do ya thing


No, if you try you will spontaneously combust and wake up in another world with magical powers.


Do you have a computer that can run the program(s) you need to, and access to a rom to hack? If so, the only things left that you need is time on task, and the ability to learn. By experimenting, you can figure out how things work. If you get stuck on something, such as having a cool idea but no idea how to execute it, you can look for answers here on FE Universe (or on the discord). Chances are, someone’s asked a similar question before, and if they haven’t, you can always ask yourself.

Now, having some knowledge and experience with programming would certainly be of help. But it’s not necessary by any stretch of the imagination, especially not for the more basic hacks, as the tools for that are already built into the roms and rom editors.

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While the sentiment is fine, using TU and blazer as your example is extremely flawed

FEEditor GBA come prepackaged with all the needed resources.

All you need is an open mind and the ability to copy stuff. It even has an event editor that uses blocks of commands rather than actual code.

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Well, I don’t mind you recommending someone else. Like you said, it’s about the sentiment, regardless

The sentiment being “you can do it”
The example you gave is inaccurate given the project was a group effort turned solo project with a paid artist

giving wrong example to motivate people is the same as eventually leading them to their own failure since you give them a faulty comparison

yeah why not
well as long as you know how to operate computer and know the language that computer is using :/

FEBuilder mostly alleviate that issue since FEBuilder provides mostly everything on a GUI (although you might need to get used to it)
if you want to do advanced shenanigans, then yes, programming knowledge is needed

there are also tutorials in this website and help if you need one in our Discord server. people will help you if you have progress (dont be an idea guy)

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Allow me to correct myself for you guys

The most proclaimed hack, TLP was created by Blazer and a group of assisting developers when he was just a teen. If he can do it, so can you

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I have no opinions on the actual matter at hand, but as a matter of history, The Project Formally Known As Tactics Universe was initially conceived in ~2008ish (the wayback machine doesn’t have archives of the old FEU forums that long ago, so I could be off by a year in either direction, but it definitely existed when I first started frequenting modding forums a year later) and was finished in 2013, at which point Blazer was age ~20.

Either way, it’s definitely possible.