Reviewing Fire Emblem Rom Hacks

I’m an unsure when and I have tried once in the pass, but if you would like me to. I am currently trying to grow my channel as well as my own rom hacks and want to grow more in this community.
If you have any recommendations please drop the link
I will be posting them here

1st is up

Whenever I try your link it says 404 not found is it just me?

Not just you, I’m having that problem too

Take out the @ in the link to the channel to fix the link.


I give my full apologies for the link not working. I recently had did some changes to the youtube channel and didn’t realize i post the old link

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If you’re looking for a story-driven romhack with choices that matter, I recommend Code of the Black Knights. Although the gameplay and art is a little janky, the story and characters make up for it, and it certainly deserves at least one playthrough.

If you are looking for something more lighthearted and gameplay focused, I would try both Grug games. A lot of the characters are based on prominent people in the FE romhacking community, and there are definitely many memorable moments to be had.

Of course, you can never go wrong with good old Vision Quest. Pretty much revitalized the the FE romhacking scene through it’s balanced story, gameplay, and humorous moments. It is also quite polished, and there is even a cookbook in the game.

Overall, you cant go wrong with any of these choices, or any romhack for the matter. Whatever you choose, I will definitely take a look, and hopefully leave a like and subscribe :slight_smile:

Shoutout to Mycahel, Team Stoned Stoners, and Pandan for making these wonderful hacks. The community appreciates your work.

P.S. good luck on Time Scarred, it seems very promising! And of course The Last Promise is also an option, it’s aged a bit, but it’s still a classic.

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I will definitely look into those asap, right now I am planing on what format would be best to review Fe titles

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1st review is up!

2nd review is up

Think I will look into vision quest next

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