Returning units not added to unit list; turn ends before moving them


In the chapter start event of Chapter 7 of the hack I’m working on, all the playable characters are removed from the party. A new set of characters is used and the game is switched from tutorial mode to Ephraim mode. On Turn 2 of Chapter 13, the first group of characters is supposed to appear on the map as player units and rejoin the party.

I created a script that checks if an individual character from the first group is alive, then if so, loads the character on the map and makes them rejoin the party. Then it moves to the next character, until that’s been done for every character in the first group. The only exception is that it doesn’t check if the lord of the first group is alive before loading him and making him rejoin. Then it switches from Ephraim mode to Eirika mode.

The characters from the first group are loaded into the map as player units and can be controlled. However, they do not appear in the unit list; only the characters from the second group do. Once all of the characters from the second group move, the turn ends, regardless of whether the characters in the first group move. Also, when pressing R to bring up a unit’s stat screen and using up or down to scroll through units, only the units from the second group are cycled through.

Ending Chapter 13 seems to add the units from the first group to the party properly, but I’d like for them to rejoin in the middle of the chapter if possible. Does anyone know what mistake I made?

I’m not using a buildfile, and I’ve only edited my rom using FEBuilder. Here’s a patch for the hack and a save file at Chapter 13, so you can take a look if you’re willing. Thank you in advance. com/file/d/1rQzpbQKzSC7t8oh_TmEFUJXZUPBIZL0L/view?usp=sharing

EDIT: I couldn’t post the link without putting a space between . and com, so you’ll have to remove that space to reach the download

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I have the same situation going on in my hack. Here’s what ya gotta do for FEBuilder:

You need a patch already in FEBuilder named “Add Event: Set Unit State Conditions (UNCM)”, courtesy of Tequila. This will give you access to two events, UNCM to set conditions and UNCR to remove them. You’ll want to call the UNCR event and remove the “undeployed” condition from your units after loading them.

If you use the debugger with FEBuilder, you can check whether you’ve done so correctly in the Etc tab where your units are listed. You’ll notice that unless you do it correctly, your units will have the “Undeployed” state which means they get skipped over for the phase stuff.

Lmk if that all works out for you.

Thank you very much! I’ll try this later and let you know.

It works! Thanks a lot!

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