Returning items in a given charecters inventory?

I didn’t really plan to ask a second question yet but here we are. This one was inspired by a reddit thread I did about forced playable charecter deaths in game via scripted events. The question is just, if you kill a charecter, or are gonna kill a charecter via an event, is there a way in any GBA FE to return any items on said charecter before they die?

For example if Player Unit Liam, has a Silver Lance in his inventory, and is then killed via a scripted event, could you make it so that Lance is transfered to the Convoy? More importantly would it keep the same uses as the item in his inventory?

Basically , I’m wondering if ya can do what fates did, where if a charecter dies, their items get put in the convoy. At least i’m pretty sure Fates did that. So is it possible? And if not yet, is it feasible?

I have no plans to use such a thing in my hack, but I got curious if it was possible in gba.

Yes, it’s possible. I don’t think it’s been done yet but it’s not hard especially if it’s going to be a scripted event.

I’m almost certain someone wrote some code for this but I can’t seem to find it anymore

It’s on colorz’s thread

and since link is down, here it is on the unified dropbox:


Once again thanks Kirb, sadly i didnt think to check there, so my apologies about the question.