Resource for post GBA era tilesets?


Is there any resource out there that contains anything like tilesets for FE games past GBA era? I tried dumping some from Path of Radiance using dolphin, and while it does rely on partially rely on 3d models for its maps, it also seemed to use tiles. I’ll post an example from the final chapter.

Also I found this picture, which lead me to believe it’s possible that Awakening or Fates might have tilesets somewhere in their data as well.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


I believe in the latter image the camera is just positioned directly above the map and multiple screenshots are woven together, much like people do in the GBA games, however it is still 3d models afaik


it’s far more likely that the 3DS games just use 3D models+textures, as with the GC/Wii titles.


What you found in por is just the textures for said 3d models afaik

3ds 100% uses 3d models, and dsfe uses prerendered maps, so you’re pretty much out of luck.


I do know that FEDS uses tilesets though, and that it seems to contain tiles very similar to the GBA tilesets?

But I’ve never seen them ripped anywhere, and even breaking into the rom provides me no useful information. I have no idea whatsoever on how to get them, but I’ve wanted them for a very long time. They’re basically HD GBA tiles.


Prerendered maps for dsfe? Disappointing, though that sounds interesting. I suppose they just layer the tiles effects on top of the image then.

My plan was to use FE tilesets to make some maps for pen&paper games, but I’ll just have to use what other tilesets I can find. Regardless all this information is good to know, thanks everybody.


Are you sure about that? I remember a lot of people saykng they were just prerendered.


They are prerendered, but if you actually look at the tiles themselves they strongly resemble GBA tiles and could be disassembled into a tileset with some work, if we actually had the goddamn rips.