[Resolved] Non-Death of Characters in certain Chapters

Hi everyone! First topic here xD
I have a question: how is it possible to make character “non-die” (make them usable the other chapters with their stats and items), but only in certain chapters? Also, can it be implemented with characters that usually cause game over when they die? Thanks:D

Uhm, I’m not sure if there’s an easier way to do it, but since death is just one bit in the unit data, it shouldn’t be so bad for me to just write an asm routine that resurrects a character that’s dead that can be invoked with a command at the end of the chapter.

Make their death trigger an event but not an event ID. Have some event ID across all your chapters indicate if it should be a game over(like, ENUT 0x05 on the chapters you want it to cause a game over) and if that event id is triggered, then ENUT 0x65 and display a quote, but otherwise, display some other quote or something.

  1. I saw hacks where this is already implemented (But it’s in all the chapters iirc)… i just don’t know how to do it xD i appreciate the answer, anyway.

  2. Uh, thanks. Doing it that way will make the protagonist return in another chapter with his stats and items right?

there is an event code that reverses death

an easier way would be to just give them a custom death quote for that chapter (instead of 0x65)

Where can i find the code that reverses death?

Yes, my secret plan of replying to get someone who knows more about this stuff than me to give a real answer has worked!

i believe it’s UNCR char 0x2

Doing that in the misc event with an IFCA for each character would work?

@Crazycolorz5: genial plan, thanks asd

you don’t even need the IFCD

E: wait, what? “doing that in the misc event”?

what does that even mean?

Am i not supposed to write the UNCR code in the misc events section?

it’s a command like TEX1 or LOU1, it goes into the event itself

Ohh, ok. Thanks!