[Resolved] Fireshell and FEditor

So I’ve decided to toy around with Fireshell. However when I open Fireshell up in FEditor, it doesn’t recognize anything. I tried opening a vanilla FE7 rom in FEditor and it works. So am I doing something wrong or does Fireshell doesn’t work in FEditor? :confused:

FEitor works in Fire Shell (I tried it and it works to me)

Did it gives an error message, or it just loads the rom and don’t let you do anything?
If it’s the latter, try saving your rom in FEditor and re-open it, it should work.
If it’s not, probably you’ve done something wrong in events or something

It just loads the rom and doesn’t let me do anything. However I’ve saved the rom in FEditor, reopen it and it works now. Thanks for helping.

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