[Resolved] Break on Read for No$GBA Debugger?

Title says it all. How do I format my break condition for this?

To break on a single offset, type the offset in square brackets followed by a ?. So if you wanted to break on read on the offset 0x859DAF0, you’d type in [859DAF0]?. You could also add ! (break on changed write) or !! (break on any write).

To break on read on a region, you’d type in the beginning and ending offsets in square brackets, with two periods between them like so:

this is my bedtime reading, i’ve found it very helpful

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Well, yeah, I’ve referred to that before. But it misdocuments break on read.

" [02000100]? ;stops only when writing new/changed data"

Which is why I didn’t know how to do it.

iirc the gba hardware actually does some weird stuff when reading from memory so that’s accurate