[Resolved] AFEVing a chest?/ Giving Out Nothing

I’m interested in creating a conversation after a chest is opened. But this is a bit of a problem, since it doesn’t actually fire off any events. Looking in the EA Main Code Helpers, we see:
#define Chest(item,X,Y) “CHES 0 item [X,Y] 0x12”

So my question: is that 0 an event ID? Can I change it and make AFEVs fire off based on it?
Also, does it automatically handle tile changes?

(Also what about doors. I’m really confused about how tile changes are triggered except by events.)

Yes, the first parameter is an Event ID and you can AFEV it.

Chests automatically handle tile changes, as do one-tile large doors. Doors made up of multiple tiles (like the horizontal ones) need manual tile changes.

For an example of how chests can automatically trigger tile changes, check out this event source by Arch. I think the Tiled tutorials on here/SF also explain how to set up tile changes for chests.

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If I make item 0x0, can I have the chest give out nothing? (Or will it error up?)

The eventID being 0x00 will just mean that the event would repeat, but since chest events only happen on the chest tile with problem map changes there’s no issue. And yes it can give out nothing.